Master of the Uuuuuuniverse 🎶 Master of the Uuuuuniverse 🎶

“This is the *Master* of the Universe” was an early cell phone voice mail greeting for the GG. At one point in time a beach urchin “inherited” his old phone (and number) and re-created an identical message in her own voice. It was absolutely hilarious when a relative called that number once and no one answered. We were at Hoton Lake, so the relative called the landline there, greeting me with, “I called that master of the universe phone”. Something like that anyway, I’m pretty sure I’m mangling that story.

Nowadays, “Master of the Universe” is a sort of song that some of us use to get the Master of the Universe’s attention or sometimes even to send [pretend] praises to him. We do crazy-*ssed harmonies with this ovation. We all (me and my Fin daughters) have some natural talent in music. Although some of us have more official training than others, we all seem to be able to carry a tune in or outside of a bucket and something makes us be able to do harmony. Or maybe counterpoint would be a better word. I, who have the most musical training and experience, should know these terms off the top of my head… But we sound pretty dern good when we sing the praises of the Master of the Universe. (Some of us are pretty dern good at “Dum Dum Da Da” too 🧡)

So here is @tmotu (The Master Of The Universe) out in his Landfill Backyard fiefdom. He is gazing at a robin’s nest that is out of the frame. He has (I think) delayed the delivery of The Castle (our new shed) because the robin’s eggs have hatched (I think) and he does not want to cut down the rest of the apple tree (not in frame) and maybe the bushes until the birdies have fledged. He did remove an arbor, one that he built.

Apologies to anyone who is a DNA expert for my frivolous use of “predominating genes”. I know this stuff is waaaay more complicated. My blahg is not targeted to phd scientists of any sort. I am intelligent enough to know how stupid/uninformed I am.

And Jay, you definitely have the layout of my childhood house down pat. I’m wondering how the heck we ever fit that piano into that dining room but we did and that’s where I taught myself to play…

One Response to “Master of the Uuuuuuniverse 🎶 Master of the Uuuuuniverse 🎶”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Master of the Universe and Lord of all he surveys. 🙂 We used to use a term like that in my family; I can’t really remember the context though. Hmm. I’ll have to ask my parents. Glad that the birdies are top priority!