The junk side of the yard

This is where the garatchkey would be if we had a garatchkey. What is a garatchkey, you might wanna know? Well, it is a word The Commander used to use to refer to a garage. We do not have a garage. When we bought The Landfill (more years ago than I care to count), you could buy a house for under $100K on The Planet Ann Arbor but it would come with *either* a garage or a dungeon. We opted for the dungeon ($65K was what we paid). I think we made the right choice as much as I hate the crapola we have collected in the dungeon. Yes, we could’ve built a garatchkey but it would have destroyed our big back yard not to mention all of the crapola that would’ve been involved in building it. (((Last I looked at Zillow, this house’s value was something like $300K. Really? I know this is The Planet Ann Arbor but still. I fear another economic/credit crisis but that’d be a whole ‘nother blahg entry.)))

So this pic is where the garatchkey would’ve been. It is kind of filled with junk for now but not as much as it has been in the recent past. This is where the GG de-cockroached FlaMan’s stuff when we moved him up to the Great Lake State last fall. Some of that stuff over-wintered here if I have it right but most of it has been returned to FlaMan now. The rest of the stuff is what’s been moved out of the old shed in preparation for The Castle’s arrival and is residing there temporarily. Oh, and that’s an old dead A/C unit sticking out of the wall. It is useless now that we have central A/C (which we almost NEVER use but it can be handy in a pinch).

The thing is that usually at this time of year, when I walk past those birdhouses, there are chirping noises coming out of them and baby bird mouths stretched wide waiting for mooma bird. They are all quiet today. I dunno what that means. Are they abandoned or do they contain eggs that haven’t hatched yet?

Here on the other side of the Landfill, all kinds of nature is happening. Mooma Robin has been out in the yard. Is she feeding hatchlings yet? I’m not sure. Henrietta Long Ears (rabbit, not lion or tiger 🙃) is out and about and one of her babies (Archie, maybe?) ventured beyond their safe haven underneath Sugar and Jealousy until I startled him by opening the squeaky sliding doorwall screen. I also witnessed a Bird Fight that happened in the gutter just above the Log Cabin Birdhouse, where birds usually nest a couple times a year so not sure what’s happening there.

That’s the animal news from the Landfill and so goodnight.

P.S. I do not know what’s going on right now but Mooma Robin is hopping around the yard and the Log Cabin is rocking and chirping. Hope everyone is okay.

One Response to “The junk side of the yard”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s hard to believe how much houses are worth now. I love nature in the spring. All the activity!! It’s fun to watch.