Old Man Winter lingers as another moomincabin season begins

I hitched a ride with npJane this year but I’ll be riding back down with The Sawyer aka the GG. Smoothest ride EVER today. Until. We got to the last major intersection of the trip. And major is a relative term given that this is the end of (the very short) highway 221. At Brimley. Normally we would make a right turn at this point but our plan was to have lunch at Pickles and that required a left turn. Due to road construction, we had to wait something like 10 minutes to make that turn. The good news is that the road will be totally open in both directions for the Memorial Day weekend.

So we got here. I am not as well organized as I would like to be but I think we’ll manage. And we are having COMPANY this weekend! The UU and TBG are on their way up and I *think* a beach urchin is arriving tomorrow and BFF and The Guru are scheduled to day-trip over here on Sunday. Fun fun fun! npJane is not “company”. She is FAMILY and she is opening the Old Cabin, which her branch of the family owns nowadays. I have no clue when people are leaving and I am just gonna ROLL with it all. Dish detergent? I don’t have any. I’m not sure npJane has any (that I can borrow) either. Maybe UU/TBG have some in their fancy trailer. If all else fails, I can probably beg some from C*Q*L’s mom next door. Just enough to get us through tonight and b’fast. I will be making a big Meijer run tomorrow and we will NOT be lacking for dish detergent (or anything else) all summer.

It was HOT and SUNNY when we got here via an off-shore breeze. Sun-deprived as us Michiganders can be, we slugged on the beach for a while, shirking our chores. I won’t try to describe all of the gyrations that led to the double sawyer situation. One person was using a handsaw to cut up driftwood. Another was overjoyed to use his chainsaw to cut up a deadfall between the Old Cabin and the Old Cabin Outhouse.

The UU is approaching the area of the moomincabin and the GG is going out to meet him to make sure he doesn’t get lost. I don’t totally understand this but since I am being spacified, I’m not sure I care.

Love y’all, KW

One Response to “Old Man Winter lingers as another moomincabin season begins”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oooh, sun and warmth–enjoy!! It got chilly and rainy here today, but is supposed to warm up next week. Our lawns and plants could certainly use the rain.