Manly men

“Now some days they last longer than others. But this day by the lake went too fast.”

Lemme see, this morning. We were a little slow to get moving. By that I mean I didn’t get out of “bed” (I was sleeping on the couch) until after 7:00 AM. We did have a decent brek, no thanks to me. The Twinz of Terror took care of that. I did do some disheoshios but I DOOOO disheoshios.

The Twinz of Terror then mobilized to take a wee trip to the Land of Porterization to remove the window covering of terror.

Eventually the GG and I mobilized with npJane to take a trip into Siberia. We had three errands. One was to drop off an old beeceeclette at the Salvation Army. It is a good bike but needs some work (taaaars, etc.) and npJane and I found ourselves having to talk the GG off the ledge of salvaging it himself. No. No. No. No. You do not ride beeceeclettes. You are a hiker. Not to mention you do NOT have time to renovate this bike. We put it on a small boat trailer and drove it into town to donate (and the Salvation Army was more than happy to receive it). And then. We picked up a couple 4x4s of plywood to solve a problem at the Old Cabin and those went onto the trailer for the trip back out.

We checked out the new half-finished but usable roundabout at the dangereuse old US2/3-Mile intersection and then hit up Meijer for various things. That was kind of nutso and we forgot a few things but then… We were halfway back out to the moomincabin and we noticed that it was 12:14 PM. Yikes! It felt like about 10 AM.

We got back to the moomincabin and it turned into a beach day that was so hot some of us had to take a break once in a while. Until. In the late afternoon, a beautiful little Tstorm rolled through and we high-tailed it up to the moomincabin.

So here are the Manly Men drinkin’ and smokin’ on Bill’s Birch Point Beach Bank Bench. Disclaimer: They did not do this all afternoon and they do not smoke anything other than the VERY occasional cee-gar.

2 Responses to “Manly men”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a great time so far. I love sitting with people, chatting, and having a beer, especially if there is a water view. There’s just something about the ambiance.

  2. L4827 Says:

    Thanks to the GG and the UU for removing the covering of dread. It was a huge weight off of our hands.