Grunge is the new black. Or is black is the new grunge? Or is it just grunge? Or black? Or what?

earrings.jpg“I just stocked a skirt like that and I thought of you. But it was labeled as beach wear?!?” So said a much younger classmate of mine who works retail in one of the small cities that surround Ann Arbor. They aren’t suburbs yet and I hope they never will be. And, yes, my favorite skirt (or skirts, that is, I have two of them) is beach wear. I’m wearing it in the winter. It’s sequiny but not too sequiny and lacy but not too lacy but just enough so that when it catches on whatever it catches on whenever I get out of the green Honda and rips a little bit (more), it doesn’t matter too much.

I’m sorry, I don’t wanna look like a lady banker and I don’t. I prob’ly could’ve been a lady banker. I’m really good at counting money. But I didn’t go there. Even though it can be exciting. A friend of mine, on her first day of a stint as a teller, was robbed at gunpoint. Now she’s a middle school teacher. Go figure. But I’m not into the collections business. Especially when it comes to cows. Once Grandroobly, a banker, told me a loverly little story about going with his father (also a banker) to Sugar Island to collect a cow. They walked it down the hill to the ferry and back over to the mainland. I don’t know what they did with it after that. Maybe sold it to Alec at auction? Who knows. The story ended with, “when you are in the banking business, you can get into all kinds of shit.” Sorry about the language, that was a quote.

It’s winter and I pretty much just drag into whatever combination of clothing fits the weather conditions of the day. It helps that my clothing is mostly black. I’d’ve been a good Goth, I guess. But I’m not. Actually, I do the same thing in the summer and the palette is very similar. I wonder if I’m in mourning? Didn’t people used to wear black for some specified length of time after their relatives died? Naw, I always wear basic black. It’s just easier. You can do things like get dressed in the dark.

But the beautiful green earrings in the pic made me feel a bit more cheerful today. They are shells and Isa sent them to me from Callyforny. Never mind that I look like an ugly old bag in the Photo Booth pic. grok GROK!. They are beautiful and comfortable to wear. Love.

Wow! That was randomness. Bro’, areya readin’ from wherever it is you are?

4 Responses to “Grunge is the new black. Or is black is the new grunge? Or is it just grunge? Or black? Or what?”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    a big ol’ “these new earrings are comfy” smile would help!!!

  2. kayak woman Says:

    I don’t look very cheerful but I think I do look like I’m doing computer stuff.

  3. Aimee Nassoiy Says:

    Abalone shells I think. Abalone are these incredible creatures. . .basically one big foot usually attached to a rock surface. When threatened they have holes in that shell that can excrete water super fast so they can increase their attachment PSI. If you are lucky enough to find a whole abalone shell, as I have been at times, you feel like you are looking at the surface of the mirror of creation. From primitive creatures comes this opulent beauty. Whoever used the saw to cut the earring shape, had to use a dust mask, as abalone shell dust is toxic. Pacific coast native cultures loved the beauty of this shell and used it in many forms of art. Good gift from CA, and they look great on you!

  4. froooggy Says:

    Grok Grok. I think th’ ear rings are a niiiiice frog green. Too bad they don’t have a bit o’ purple abou’ th’ edges. Grok grok grok.