It’s a Byootyful Day in the Nayberhood, A Byootyful Day grok grok grok grok…


Grok grok grok! Yay, we have a ol’ drill truck here! ‘n’ ushaly a bunch o’ other trucks too. Right down th’ street! See it? Grok grok. It is so excitin,’ me ‘n’ ol’ Smokie c’n hardly stand it! ‘n’ they even let me run th’ drill fer a while. Grok Grok. Seein’ as how I got me all that experyunse on the ol’ Linebelt las’ summer. Grok grok. They’re drillin’ down t’ check fer sumthin’ in th’ water. I think it’s called dioxane ‘r sumthin.’ Shore hope they find some, I’m runnin’ outta frog jooce ‘n’ stuff. Grok hic grok.

Yup. Grok grok frgok hic. It’s a byootyful day in th’ nayberhood. Jus’ like ol’ Mr. Raj useta say! Useta be one o’ my owner’s favyrite shows. ‘n’ th’ Polkadot Door too. Grok grok.

Grok grok. Y’all c’n click my li’l thermommyters t’ hear my latest li’l ditties. Grr-hic-grok. They’re short t’day ’cause Ol’ Baggy kep’ kickin’ me offa Ga-rage Band. Grok grok hic Grok.

2 Responses to “It’s a Byootyful Day in the Nayberhood, A Byootyful Day grok grok grok grok…”

  1. Isa Says:

    i had a strange *california* shoreline dream, in which my mother, mouse, val, janet, and karen showed up in sf… i think val lived here on the beach for some reason, and there was some kind of to-do about being afraid of earthquakes and tsunamis… but nothing came of it.

  2. kate Says:

    I can’t wait til that monster goes away. UGLY!!!
    hee hee hee, Kate