Star Light, Star Bright. First Star I See Tonight. Wish I May, Wish I Might…

When I was a kid in Sault Ste. Siberia, I used to see the first star (Venus, right, Val?) many nights. I always had lots of wishes. Mostly related to things like having no tornados or volcanos or whatever right near my house.

So, last January I’m sure I saw the stars, at least when I walked early in the morning. But I don’t remember much about last January except for putting a sewing machine needle through my finger and having dreams that made me sit up straight in the middle of the night (figuratively speaking, that is) that eventually came true. The old saying is that if you tell your dreams, they don’t come true. But how do you tell people about dreams like the ones I had?

Tonight I had dinner at Zanzibar with the Twinz of Terror. Then they went to the folk festival and I walked home. I appreciate the folk festival. I know what all the musicians put into their work and I appreciate the outcome. And I have fun at the folk fest. For a while. But it is just too long for me. It lasts until midnight. I cannot sit in a seat that long. So I walked home. A long-legged, longish-haired, female strider moving swiftly through the night. In a beeyootiful and expensive wool knit Petoskey skirt (thank you, Ms. Commander, and Radical Betty no doubt had a hand in it too) and ratty old ski jacket. With wings on her feet. Past a bunch of guys around my age, er prob’ly twenty years younger, who were bumbling out of a car and sheepishly realized that they were holding me up. “It’s okay, I won’t run you over!!” I said, and continued on my way, past the new Y, up Washington, past Slauson and the old Chez Regenstreif (festooned with winter lighting), on over into my own neighborhood and home.

Have the wish I wish tonight…

I saw the evening star. All the way home. I have a lot of wishes. In between all the other mush in my brain: kids, school, internship, cabins, sisters, cousins, in-laws, friends, octo-people, real-estate, vee-hickles, etc., etc., ad nauseam. What wish did I wish tonight? I won’t tell. But I did wish.

…Have the wish I wish tonight… Please, may all of you get at least a few of your wishes too. And I am getting weird dreams this winter but they’re just the usual stuff, not prescient-seeming. -Love y’all.

3 Responses to “Star Light, Star Bright. First Star I See Tonight. Wish I May, Wish I Might…”

  1. Valdemort Says:

    If you had one last night, that would make four of us.

  2. Webmomster Says:

    …there’s something about that Finlayson bloodline that seems to be dream-capable…

    I’m lucky if I even recall that I *had* a dream, much less what it was (well, there was that time shortly after Christmas, but at that point, I was well-rested and brain had a chance to do a re-boot…)

  3. mouse Says:

    grok gork. i have weird dreams so frequently that i usually don’t think twice about them. i’m not sure if i had one that night or not, though.