Git me outta here! grok grok. I’m dizzy!

Grok grok grok. Ol’ Baggy is learnin’ how t’ do sumthin’ called Flash ‘n’ so far that jus’ does *not* seem like a good idea. Grok grok. ‘course, instedda workin’ on ‘er homework, which’ll be th’ uggly-ist ol’ self portrit on erth, she’s bizzy makin’ some stupid rainbow pitcher. Grok grok. “But I *like* doin’ rainbow pitchers!” she sez. Grok grok. ‘n’ then she goes on ‘n’ on abou’ how when she wuz a kid, one o’ her cuzzints (Sally ‘r sumbuddy) showed ‘er how th’ cranbox had th’ colors o’ th’ rainbow, so she always made rainbow dezines. Grok grok. ‘n’ then she gits off abou’ how mad she wuz when th’ ol’ cran peepul got rid o’ some o’ th’ rainbow crans ‘n’ put in sum stoopid ones like “tickle me pink” ‘n’ “purple mountin’s majesty” ‘n’ “asparrygus” ‘n’ stuff. grok grok. You c’n check it ou’ here ifya wanna. Grok grok. ‘n’ *then* she goes off onna nother tangint abou’ how *another* cuzzint o’ hers (Mac ‘r sumbuddy, what kinda name is that, I thot it wuz a ‘puter) useta make her color inside th’ lines. Grok grok. Evrybody shoul’ know that colorin’ inside th’ lines is th’ *kerrect* way t’ color. Grok grok. Sumtimes I just can’t figger out Ol’ Baggy. Grok grok. Enyway, this stoopid ol’ rainbow thing is makin’ me dizzy. Grok grok. ‘n’ I can’t figger out how t’ make it stop. Grok frgok. Guess I better go git s’more frog jooce er sumthin’. Dum de dum de dum. Grok grok grok hic grOokGROK! Treguuuuuuurtha! Ker-flop! Zzzzzzzz.

3 Responses to “Git me outta here! grok grok. I’m dizzy!”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    so, when is Froggy going to go for a *ride* in the color-changing disc??

  2. mouse Says:


    …*excuse me, my finlayson is showing!!*
    (i almost never burp so i have to make up for it electronically, i suppose…)

  3. Webmomster Says:

    Congratulations!! You got that “final ‘A'” to come out!!