Chisel, Chisel, Chisel

aminals.jpgGrok grok grok! *I* wanna blahg about this! Grok grok grok! Sorry, Froog, I get to do this! Yaknow, you can getcher own blahg. I bet is available.

Moley has been found!!! As well as Black Beauty, Squealy & Scrambly, and BLUE MOUSE! And 24 other aminals of all sizes and descriptions. Just as loved as the four who were named but never got incorporated into whatever fantasy world was playing out when they were acquired, therefore without names or fully developed personalities.

I am chiseling away at this landfill and one of the things I chiseled at today was a big black garbage bag full of stuffed aminals in the basement. The last time I looked for Moley, I could *not* find him anywhere. I guess he must’ve taken a trip to steal socks in Saudi Arabia or someplace. Anyway, he’s back now and I’m sure he and Froog’ll be in cahoots to wreak all kinds of havoc around the Landfill.

My kids watched their share of TV and movies when they were young and they even did some computer gaming. Mouse, at 2-1/2 used to stand on a chair and play “Concentration” on our first Mac, which we bought right around the time she was born, actually. She even knew how to use the mouse (yeah, I know) to navigate to the “File” menu to get a new game.

But stuffed aminals and puppets ruled the world here. Some of them seem to exist to create trouble grok ggrok. Froog, shut up, you are *still* createing trouble. Others were good helpers when discipline issues arose. Chrissy The Police Mouse, where are you? The cutest $4 grocery store aminal on earth. She *has* to be around here somewhere. I’ll find her.

For a while, my kids, being girls, were also into Barbie and My Little Pony, etc. I remember one time when we came home from some family event over in Megalopolis (actually I think it was Becky’s wedding shower! :-)) and they were absolutely in heaven about getting all of The Beautiful Renee’s pony stuff and it might’ve even been The Beautiful Susie’s pony stuff too. Swimmin’ pools (dry water only, please), movie stars, etc. They got bored with that stuff early though. A few years later, when we held our one and only ga-rage sale, they couldn’t wait to get rid of it.

I can’t get rid of the stuffed aminals and puppets. They have personalities and they need good homes. I don’t know how to find better homes than the one they have, even though they’ve spent the last nine years or so in garbage bags in the basement. After the tornado warning that sent them down there.

3 Responses to “Chisel, Chisel, Chisel”

  1. mouse Says:

    nooooooOO!!!!! don’t get rid of my stufties!!!!!

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Even though we moved out of our “landfill” in Troy a couple of years ago, The Pony Castle, Stable, and Dance School made the move with us. About 50 adult and baby ponies came along too. How about Ninja Turtles, the 6 Million Dollar Man, Barbies, Strawberry Shortcake, lots of stuffed animals… Can’t part with that stuff yet. Too many memories. Besides, the grandchildren have fun with all of those “new” toys. Currently, Little Me’s and Dolly Pops are a big hit with Datura. So hang on to that stuff a little longer. Your grandkids (Yes, you will have your turn) will have fun. Kathy

  3. kate Says:

    In other news, I saw the Terrible Twins Friday and Saturday night at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival. A good time was had by all!
    : ) Kate