Monday Without Barry’s

No Monday coffee with Marci at Barry’s because Marci is off gallivanting around somewhere for the week. I forget where. I cannot keep up with my very down-to-earth jetset friend but she’s somewhere and I hope she’s having a blast! Nevertheless, life at The Landfill goes on, sorta in order:

  • Shower. Layer up. Walk. Cheerios. Make bed. Clean bathroom. Throw laundry in.
  • Chisel, chisel, chisel.
  • “Using the Flash drawing tools, make a self-portrait. Be creative.” Hmmm. Probably my least favorite assignment ever. For some god-forsaken reason, it is coming out better than I expected. Wonder if I’ll post it…
  • Chisel, chisel, chisel.
  • Photoshop: gothic-organic style interface
  • Chisel, chisel, chisel.
  • Email with Karen a couple times. Glad to hear she has heat. It’s winter and this is Michigan.
  • Photoshop: paper-bag style interface
  • Pack up a great big box and a 10×13 envelope, go to the PO and mail them to Callyforny and Kalamamalakazookman, respectively. Last box to Callyforny for the moment. This is the third PO clerk that has complimented me on my packing skills. What can I say? I used to be a non-profit administrator but now I’m just a mom who mails things to California. There is glass in this package. I do hope it makes it there successfully.
  • Quick and dirty partial river ride. No kayakers.
  • Scrounge a leftover lunch.
  • Put laundry away.
  • Deconstruct website for school project.
  • iChat with Sam! No audiovisuals due to some weird problem we didn’t figger out. That’s okay, photo booth picks up wrinkles and other ugliness that I don’t see even when I’m 2 inches away from a mirror! Go figger. ‘course, it’s just Sam and she knows what I look like and prob’ly could couldn’t care less about the wrinkles. Did I say “just Sam?” Kee-reist. That was the biggest understatement on earth. Kee-reist.
  • Chisel, chisel, chisel.
  • More Flash, Photoshop, and deconstruct website.
  • Discuss website migration issues.
  • Tell Sierra Club guy at the door, “no thanks.” Hopefully politely but I was on the edge. Wonder if these young pups, when they see me in my small house on the Planet Ann Arbor, can ever understand what I’ve been through regarding land use issues. Do they know where I grew up and that I still own land there? I doubt they’d even begin to understand or believe my story. Sigh.
  • Return Lizard Breath’s email. Register car in Callyforny? Yes, good idea.
  • Walk. Penetrating kind of cold today. But it’s winter and this is Michigan. So.

My so-called life! Is yours more exciting? Do tell! 😉

4 Responses to “Monday Without Barry’s”

  1. Valdemort Says:

    could care less? ; )

    Is Flash really that bad, though? I’ve thought about trying to dabble in it, but definitely not at the moment – I’m knee-deep in the midst of one of those silly trifecta things where you’re given three options and can only pick two:

    1. Do well in school
    2. Have a social life
    3. Sleep

    Numbers one and two are my picks. I’ve been going 3 weeks now without a true weekend (KKPsi Cincinnati road trip the weekend before this just past and fraternity initiations just this past weekend) and it’s Monday and I’m all like, “Holy crap, I need Saturday” already.

    SCHOOL!!!! (As you so well know!!) O_o

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Yeah, couldn’t.

    Flash is pretty fun, it’s making a self portrait that’s not, particularly. I hope we don’t have to show these to class or anything.

  3. Sam Says:

    Newze FLASH: Trouble with those built-in laptop cameras is they have a very unflattering angle, showing way too much of the bottom of the chin. Reminder to self: put laptop on top of fridge when using camera….

  4. Webmomster Says:

    Me? I still in total puzzlement why that upgrade I did to WordPress 2.1 (“Ella”) tends to lose my home-page sidebar… the heck with Flash and built-in cameras and angles and all that (in comparison)