Peeves, not (necessarily) pet

1) POPOVER ADS! Especially POPOVER ADS with LOUD, SELF-STARTING VIDEOS! Your stooopid ad is not going to get me to buy your product. We in the web user experience biz have been railing against this kind of crapola for MANY YEARS! Somehow it seems to get worse. Jeebus!

2) Facebook “friends” who post inflammatory articles without (apparently) reading past the headline. A “friend” of mine posted a news-ish video this morning with the comment about how stupid people are in Lansing. “Lansing” being code for the “liberals” who are slowly (THANKFULLY) worming their way back into our state government. The content of the video? Our newly elected Secretary of State talking about expanding the new technology used by some of the (DMV) offices to ALL offices in the system. What is stupid or bad about that? That she is a democrat? I LOVE the new technology. When I had to renew my license in person a few months ago, I could get in “line” via my phone and even tell it when I needed a little more time (because I arrived there withOUT my phone). In other words, the tech worked fine, it was KW who was dysfunctional. I also do not see this as a partisan issue in any way, shape, or form. I’m sure both Republican and Democratic lawmakers have had a hand in this. I did not comment on this person’s post.

3) People who leave used “tissues” and paper towels all over the place. I am not concerned about the germs involved because I live with said person, therefore we already share germs. It’s just that I am not said person’s mother and said person is an ADULT and how hard can it be to pick up a used paper thingy and throw it into the garbage? Heck, said person could even make a game out of this and try to make a “basket” with it like FZ does with his empty crunched up Doritos bag after every research team meeting.

Okay, I can probably think of more peeves but I think three is enough for one day. Got any peeves? Pet or not.

P.S. the glubs… We went to Knight’s tonight and the GG walked over ahead of me. When I got across the first street, I encountered this pole with my fave color knit glubs nailed to it. Um, okay. I took a pic. When I got to Knight’s, I showed it to the GG. OF COURSE, he had found the glubs in the street and put them up on the pole. He thought they might be mine. Nope. Not this time.

One Response to “Peeves, not (necessarily) pet”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have too many peeves to name. People who don’t fact check but post the article/video anyway. Those who don’t read the article, but comment not very intelligently anyway. Women’s public restrooms where there are dirty paper towels and pieces of TP all over the floor. Really? Pick it up! Don’t get me started on the driving–distracted drivers, those who block the intersection, etc. Motorcyclists who drive like jerks, then wonder why so many of them get hit. Bicyclists who complain about not being respected as vehicles but then blow through stop signs, never signal, etc. Do I need to continue? 😉