Cassowary sequel

I love FlaMan. I love GB. I love Little Joe’s. Ohmigosh. We sat at the bar for lunch and the bartender on duty I swear looked like he was 15. He was FANTABULOUS and I had the distinct impression that he’s been around the block more than a few times. I hope he is not a smoker (I have no reason to believe he is) but if he *is*, maybe seeing the not-that-old guy hooked up to oxygen will give him pause…

At any rate, when we first got to Little Joe’s, a tornado siren started blaring as soon as we got out of the Frog Hopper. It was VERY nearby and I could almost not function. Don’t worry. There was no tornado anywhere in the vicinity. It was a test. It was hot and sunny when we got to Little Joe’s and there were motorsickles roaring up and down Saginaw for quite a while. And then… The tornado siren did not go off again but severe storms rolled through and the motorsickles disappeared.

We were at Little Joe’s a weeeee bit longer than I tend to want to hang out for lunch. I mean, it would be really fun to sit around a barrroom all afternoon drinkin’ but we had to drive back to The Planet Ann Arbor and be functional, etc. But it was all good because the worst of the storm happened while we were warm and dry and by the time we had to head southward, the worst of the weather had rolled through. Our adult children were a bit worried and so was I. Our family experienced a direct hit by a tornado on the I75 SUV Speedway and we have also had a couple of trees fall on our house. But today everything was fine.

So we have been home for hours and we have had two weather alerts and so with the first one, the GG turned on every light he could possibly turn on. I didn’t want all of those lights on so I used an app to color the LED lights.

Cassowary sequel? We learned today that the Manatee County sheriff owns a flock of emus. Apparently the sheriff occasionally cooks one… I will not divulge how I learned those interesting facts. [wink]

One Response to “Cassowary sequel”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I wonder what emus taste like. Chicken perhaps? I love hanging out in bars and shooting the crap with people. I don’t stay long and I don’t drink that much, but I enjoy the ambiance.