Boy Scout Bird Guy

Did I want to go to the dump? Well, I am Garbage Woman so I always like to go to the dump. It is my fav-o-rite date with the GG. But wait. The dump is not open on Sunday so what the heck? Turns out it was a bird watching expotition. I love nature but like music, I like it to roll along in the background. Birders sit still for long periods of time. I love them but I cannot do that. So I declined.

So here he is in his bird watching getup. I also do not dress like this. I mean some of it might’ve been necessary for slodging around at the dump. It’s the colors. Khaki? Nope.

My major accomplishment today was to clean out the refrigimatator. It had gotten to the point where I had no clue what was in there and these days that doesn’t happen often. I threw out a weeks-old portion of garlic bread that was hard as a rock and a partial dozen eggs that expired May 7th. The garlic bread could probably have been turned into croutons and I’m guessing the eggs were probably nowhere near rotten but we had TWO OTHER DOZEN EGGS in there so what the bloody hell.

I also threw out some off-color pepperoni but kept all of the lunch meat packages after carefully inspecting the expiration dates. I am not a fan of packaged lunch meat in general and I am not the person who buys it. There are some kinds of lunch meat that I like well enough but it always seems to go bad before it gets used up even if it’s before the expiration date. That’s my supernose in action and it hasn’t changed since I was a little kid, which was before food came with expiration dates. I didn’t like bologna sandwiches then and I do not like them now. Sorry. I have no clue why we have hooot dooogs because we NEVER EAT THEM unless the cBear is around to grill them.

I did some of my own bird watching today. In between all of my chores today, I was riveted onto my current booooook “Voyageurs” and sitting on the other side of the front window (on the Green Couch) reading and being still, the parent birdies felt free to flit here and there and feed their babies. They’re just Little Brown Birds but still fun to watch.

One Response to “Boy Scout Bird Guy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love birds and would like to see some cool ones, but sitting for long periods isn’t my thing either. I also have eggs that I should throw out. I’ll do the float test on them first though. They always sound good, but then I never fix them. Not a lunch meat fan at all and bologna tastes like salty fat with a little meat taste. I do like hot dogs though, high quality ones. Growing up my family all loved hot dog Reubens; it was one of our traditional lunch treats. My folks and I (and my brother) still eat them!