Watch this space

This quick iPhone point-and-shoot photooo is probably hard to process, dappled with light such that it is. It documents the fact that our crappy old tin shed is completely gone. The one on which the previous owner caught elementary school boys doing roofP on their way to school. The one in which I bumped my head on the “rafter” more than once or twice. We won’t talk about rodents and their poop. All told, we have received $15 or thereabouts for the metal. The GG says this about pays for the gasoline to take it to wherever it is that he takes old metal.

My brain is fried today after a marathon (but very productive) defect triaging session with Amazon Woman today. As in, this is already specified but it has been deferred umpteen-bazillion times so I will dig up the spec. Or I can do this one. Or I can do this one with an FZ reality check. Or WTF this makes no sense, we need more info. Or (maverickly) we’re canceling this one. Or we need to set up a meeting with [insert whoever].

We at Cubelandia almost NEVER discuss polly-ticks. We all earn good livings and are treated well and we want it to stay that way. Occasionally, in a private situation, a few of us will sometimes privately express disgust, angst, or whatever about the current state of affairs if we know enough about each other to know we are on the same page. When AW reacted to a news alert about the stock market diving today, we went off on a BRIEF anti-Orange Baboon rant. I don’t know where the stock market ended up today. Did it recover?

I know how stooopid this is but I hate the OB sooooo much that I almost feel happy when the stock market drops because I believe he thinks that its high performance has everything to do with him and his ridiculous presidency and nothing to do with the crap shoot that (I believe) the stock market’s performance is actually based on. I am not against the stock market but I think it is only one of many economic indicators. I am not an expert on any of this but I do have common sense.

We both reminisced BRIEFLY about how bad the 2008 crash was and how the subsequent recovery began YEARS before the Orange Baboon came along, so why he thinks he can take credit for it, I do not know. Back in 2008, we were all quaking in our boots wondering when we would be handed a box. I had only worked there a year. A lot of folks in our huge company lost their jobs in that era but our product was okay back then except for an occasional RIF. It wasn’t until much later that we began to bleed*. Okay, back to work!

I really didn’t mean to get off on that tangent but it’s probably better than a fugly memory that the sun-dappled photo dredged up.

*I do NOT blame our recent blood letting on Trump but that would be a whole ‘nother blahg entry.

5 Responses to “Watch this space”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The stock market recovered today, I think. Close to even. I remember wondering in 2008 if I should pull all my money out of the bank and hide it under my mattress. Things were so dire, yet people have such short memories about Obama coming in and the economy turning around. Now OB takes the credit and he deserves no kudos for anything except stirring a whole bunch of pots in mostly negative ways. Grrrr.

  2. Robert J Courtois Says:

    The stock market ended up 512 points today : )


  3. Robert J Courtois Says:

    I agree. BO was and is a disaster.

  4. kayak woman Says:

    Whatever, Bob, my beloved brother-in-law, identical twin of my husband. I agree more with Margaret when it comes to polly-ticks but love you anyway

  5. Margaret Says:

    I feel the need to clarify that the economic uproar/collapse happened on the GWB watch, and that Obama cleaned it up. Also, there is no man that I admire more than BHO, other than my 90 year old father. As always, we of different political stripes will have to agree to disagree.