Chillin’ in the cell phone lot

knightsagainUsually when I pick people up at the airport, by the time I get there, they are already waiting at the curb. It isn’t really my fault, just that usually the planes land early. And the GG’s was scheduled to land early today. When I checked it at like 5:45 PM (EDT), it was hanging out somewhere over O-haaa-o. That means something like “git in th’ car and go, KW”. So I did. And I got to the cell phone lot and sent a text message: “cell phone lot”. Figgering that the GG would text back right away with something like, “landed.” Not. (Actually, I found out later that he didn’t even know what the cell phone lot was but that’s a whole ‘nother story.) Anyway. I got onto to flight tracker or whatever on my phone and, wtf? His plane had turned around. In a kind of a circular motion. I hadn’t been totally stupid. I knew there would be no computer-strength wifi in the cell phone lot but I did manage to through (through?) throw my UFP into a Plum Market bag before I left and so, I hand-sewed while I impatiently waited. And kept checking the plane’s progress. Wondering why it continued to circle over the SW end of Lake Erie. Hand-sewing is somewhat calming even at the worst of times and I checked again. And. No plane anywhere. Say what? Calmness… Refresh again. Landed 15 minutes ago? What? about 30 seconds later, “dooooooo doooo doooo doooo.” That would be the GG calling. “Just landed.” Okay. A little more sewing and another phone call or two and finally pulled up in the usual chaos of arrivals *just* as he was walking out. And then. Beat tracks to get back to the Planet in time to meet the Porters at Knights for our 8 PM (EDT) res. Pulled into the driveway, walked into the house long enough to grab my ski jacket and some gloves etc. and walked over to Knights, leaving the GG for 10 minutes or so of switching gears. It was all good and other friends were also there and we all ended up at the same loud, obnoxious table. I am fried. G’night.

4 Responses to “Chillin’ in the cell phone lot”

  1. Marquis Says:

    How about a GG guest post? And pictures?

  2. isa Says:

    good luck, marquis! he doesn’t even answer e-mail!

  3. l4827 Says:

    This time the Knight’s of the round table were at one — a full table, though there were only 7.


  4. Margaret Says:

    Why was the plane circling? Did you ever find out? I’ve been on a few TOO many planes lately!