Deep in the heart of Texas

texasThat’s where the GG was all last week. He was at an information security conference down in San Antonio. He loved the area and I think he had fun at the conference but I doubt he had as much fun as I did at the conference I went to that was situated at our own community college, which has free wifi everywhere on campus and you can bet there were tons of laptops and a twitter stream going on. I could do that every day. Except that probably two out of the three times I was brave enough to open up my yap, I stuck my foot into it.

So today. An impromptu MacMu gathering over at Don and Marcia’s. A MacMu cousin up from Atlanta and a MacMu cousin over from Washington state with her daughter who’s looking at grad programs. I have always absolutely loved having cousins that I knew and got along with. For the most part, throughout life, I have known the Fin cousins the best but that’s probably because we have Fin Family Moominbeach in common. On the MacMu side, we mostly have met for funerals, at least in the last few years. Today was fun. It wasn’t a funeral for once. And there was a baby! The first member of G5! He is a beautiful one month old. The GG was right in there holding him. Me, I resisted for a while. But finally. I held him and fed him his bottle and I looked into his blue eyes and, I dunno, this is a beautiful baby and he’s my cousin’s grandchild and even though she has been on the other side these last few years, life is going on.

One of the most fun things for me was that when I first walked into my MacMu uncle Don’s house, I heard my Fin Fam Uncle Harry’s voice. Love y’all.


2 Responses to “Deep in the heart of Texas”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Washington State, huh? I like babies, as long as I don’t have to deal with them for long periods of time. It’s nice to have get togethers that AREN’T funerals.

  2. Marquis Says:

    San Antonne hey? Did the the GG remember the Alamo (not the rent a car company one). Did he do the river walk?