Riding with Mario Andretti

I am soooo taaaarrred of telling the GG that he is not Mario Andretti and the I75 SUV Speedway, as nutso as it is, is not the Indy 500. I don’t think I have the writing chops to simulate the sound of somebody winding the Ninja up and down through her six gears like a race car driver, not to mention all the times he had to hit the brakes. I can wind it up if I need to but I generally drive like an “old lady”, sticking to the speed limit or thereabouts. Also, as I drive, I am always mindful of how close I am to the vee-hickle ahead of me so I can downshift if I need to slow down rather than slam on the brakes. This afternoon there was a little more lurching up and down than I was comfortable with but we did make it to Hoton Lake. I guess it’s a good thing we didn’t ever get airborne but that would be a story for some other day. (We’ll see if the GG reads this 🐽)

I have to say that after spending the late afternoon down by the water and then dinner over at the tiki bar, I am pretty dern “dead”. The lake was flat this afternoon and it was hot (82) and we really wanted to take the Pontoon Bote over to the tiki. In the end we drove a car. Sometimes there aren’t enough bote parking places there and we didn’t want to get all the way over there and not be able to park and have to come *back* to get a car. That turned out to be the right decision because the wind came up while we were there. The bote would’ve been fine in the waves (and there was plenty of empty bote parking) but it would’ve been a kind of a long windy ride home. When we got back here, the GG totally crashed, which is another reason it was probably good we didn’t drive the bote.

I don’t have much else to say. There was a guitar duo covering songs from back in our day and a group of very tan “older” folks that I eventually guessed had recently returned from Fla or somewhere. When I say “older”, I couldn’t figger out if they were older than *us* or not. That is, they were *definitely* older than The Beautiful Becky but they *may* not have been older than us. I guessed Fla because of the tans and because they all had tank top type clothing on without anything covering their shoulders. Even though it was 82, we are just edging into warmer temperatures here in the Great Lake State and wearing a tank top still feels like nudity to me after a long winter of multiple layers.

As we were leaving, there was some kind of kerfuffle going on that I didn’t understand and apparently some people were getting thrown out of the tiki bar (not the Fla folks). This occurred at around 7:00 PM so I suppose it’s shaping up to be a wonderful night for the good people who work at the tiki bar.

2 Responses to “Riding with Mario Andretti”

  1. Paulette Says:

    We had lovely flat water here with the temperature at 79 degrees. Perfect weather. We didn’t get the boat in either, since Ray had a few taxidermy projects going. Maybe today… Enjoy HL.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Oooh, excitement in the bar! I love people watching those sorts of things, as long as I don’t get dragged into the mess. 82 is just about my perfect temp! Patt was a very calm driver, but would go ballistic when people merged poorly onto the freeway; I didn’t like those road rage moments.