Best Choice

As we were driving up to Hoton Lake yesterday, the GG asked me if I wanted to stop at Best Choice Market on the way to the cabin. I did not, for geographical reasons I won’t try to explain. There have always been decent comprehensive grokkery stores here at HL. It’s a large inland lake, I think something like 27 miles in circumference. The shoreline and some adjacent areas are heavily populated so there are large and small stores sprinkled here and there. Everything from mom-and-pop party stores to Walmart and Family Fare.

And then there is Best Choice. It opened 15 years ago and we have been shopping there ever since. It is (was) a small store renowned for its meat and deli departments, and some of the best produce I’ve encountered anywhere, locally sourced whenever possible. They were overflowing with asparagus today but I had to decline because I happened to have Farmer John asparagus from Cubelandia. Oh, and a deli with all kinds of fancy salads and spinach pies and their famous feta spread.

I could never complain about this place in any way shape or form. But if there could be a complaint it is that there is was no public restroom. I suspect, given the size of the place, a public restroom is was impossible. Knowing that as an adult, I have always made sure I planned my Pbreaks somewhere besides Best Choice. I’m sure it could be difficult for parents of young children or, well, you know, people with issues.

Soooo. Best Choice has expanded by annexing the empty building across the parking lot. The butcher and deli are in the original building and there is still a lot of produce, etc., there. The new building has a greatly expanded produce area, an ice cream shop, coffee shop, and I couldn’t even process what else. Oh yeah, and PUBLIC REST ROOMS!

It is a bit bittersweet that the empty building they expanded into was the former Whitehead’s Restaurant. It was one of The Gumper’s (my f-i-l) faves. Of course they had a Friday fish fry and there was a “wet burrito” that he liked and some sort of “special” where you got three kinds of meat (chicken and a spare rib and I fergit what else) and some sides. We went there with Gumper often and I *fondly* remember him wandering around peering into the kitchen area as he would do. What a character. I loved him and I have definitely lucked out on the in-law crapshoot.

Whitehead’s closed and opened once or twice over the years and maybe it even burned(?) but it’s been vacant for quite a few years now. I’m happy to see it repurposed by a business we and many others love. Best Choice is ALWAYS busy.

I asked permission to take a couple photos in the new building and it was happily granted. Gratuitous photo of the GG buying Trenary Toast in the first photo. The mural in the second was painted by a high school student. I think it is beautiful!

2 Responses to “Best Choice”

  1. jane Says:

    ‘famous feta spread’, but do they have great smoked whitefish spread?

  2. Margaret Says:

    Glad that it’s doing well enough to expand! I always like a public restroom because the coffee/water/beer comes through in multiple stages. TMI? 🙂 I would be all over that feta spread.