Mooooooon Uuuuuuunit

Yeah. Up early to walk and then hit the farmers market right around when it opened. Lemme see… Basil (which we could prob’ly grow but aren’t), tomatoes, potatoes, red onions, broccoli, aaaaaand… big bag of shelling peas. I swear that last year I could not get shelling peas by this time of year so this bag was a big bonus. On the other hand, I think we were getting local sweet corn by this time last year and there wasn’t any today so sounds like crops are a bit behind. Also bought some non-veg stuff… Rainbow trout and whitefish from Monahan’s, whole chicken from Sparrow, and stuffed cabbage and potato pancakes from the Polish folks.

That was followed by a morning of chores and a particularly loooooong errand and then Lizard Breath joined us for lunch at The Griz with Janel. She had a baby shower to attend in A2 this afternoon which I had totally forgotten about probably because of my general schedule fogginess this summer. I somehow thought the shower was in August but that is when the baby is due, fer kee-reist. I am not ready to retaaaaar yet but it sure would make planning summer vacations a bit easier if I didn’t have to put in for time off. Anyway I didn’t quiiiite realize until mid-afternoon how HOT it is today. It was not all that hot this morning and we spent quite some time this morning in A/C.

The upcoming baby is via a middle school thru college and beyond friend of Liz’s and his wife. I always have to ask these rude questions. Do they know the sex? Did they want to know the sex? Do they know the sex but haven’t told anyone?

Those are extremely rude questions but note that I didn’t (and wouldn’t EVER) ask the PARENTS. My child either didn’t know the answers or didn’t ‘fess up. That is totally okay. It is totally the parents’ business! And these parents will be wonderful!

I know that some people go to great lengths to do a “gender reveal” sometimes to the point of accidentally blowing up their car (that was all over social media this week) but I know that others would rather keep it private or wait and see or let the child decide or any variation on all of that. That let the child decide option sounds crazy to some people but sex is not ALWAYS binary and sometimes babies get assigned the wrong sex at birth. Read Middlesex. It’s about that but it’s also a very good book.

I am curious about these issues because ultrasounds, etc., were just beginning to be “normal” when I had my children. I did not have one during my first pregnancy. This even surprised my child, being the one who was not ultra-sounded. Everything was fine and there didn’t seem to be a reason to have one. I was grateful for this non-intervention. I had one during my second pregnancy but not for any specific reason. A nurse talked me into it during the doc’s vacation and I was grumpy about it but ultimately felt okay because we could see that the baby was well formed. I suspected that the technician probably knew I was carrying another daughter but we did not want to be told. The point is that technology exists now that didn’t when I was having children and I’m curious about what young parents think about it.

I “knew” both times that I was bearing daughters. How did I know? I do not know. But I did and I was right.

Did you know that Frank Zappa named his daughter Moon Unit?

3 Responses to “Mooooooon Uuuuuuunit”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yes, and his son is named Dweezil or something like that. I suspected I was having a daughter the first time because of my dreams, her heartrate and gut feeling(one unrevealing ultrasound to verify my due date) and thought Alison was a boy(no ultrasound). I’m glad there was no technology for me to know because I liked to dream about having a son or daughter. Retirement makes having distant daughter(s) bearable, at least a little bit. I can travel whenever I want and whenever it’s convenient for them. It was tricky to take time off as a teacher. Lesson plans, bah.

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Just when I was pregnant with Nate, insurance companies put the hammer down on ultrasounds and refused to cover them unless it was a high-risk pregnancy, which mine was not. I was so bummed. I really wanted to see that obscure photo, and if possible, I really wanted to know the gender. I felt so in the dark and I think knowing the gender begins the bonding process. And, oh, retirement! I love being able to do whatever I want anytime I want. Summers were tough when I worked because I’ve always felt that summers should be OFF (because, school. Never got that out of my system).

  3. l4827 Says:

    Yes, and I believe that I can speak with confidence for/with everyone, that she won that debate with G. Gordon Liddy.