These are my veggies from the farmers market yesterday. Meat/seafood purchases are not as photogenic.

Of all things, the bird email list has been lit up by sightings of a whooping crane (or two?) for the last couple weeks and pelicans the last couple of days. These are unusual birds for our area (and whoopers are rare anywhere) and they have been seen at Fourmile Lake so we took a drive out there this morning. We saw geese (of course) and an egret and sandhills and an eagle (well, I didn’t see the eagle but others with scopes and fancy cams did). I declined to use the GG’s binoculars. I mean it was all cool and we talked to some nice folks but I am not anything like a serious birder and I regularly see all of those bird species at work, sometimes close enough to photograph with my iPhone. And why would I take pictures of a Canada Goose unless it was doing something weird because they are everywhere. Were they endangered at one time?

A trip to the Plum Market both to buy a few groks and to check out a certain vee-hickle with an onboard diagnostics reader. It was emissions stuff so it was fine but the truth is that most of us (in our fam) are driving OLD cars and prob’ly need to upgrade. Why (besides $ of course) are we procrastinating? I dunno. As the Orange Baboon always says, “We’ll just have to see what happens.” Well that’s one of the things he says, when he is not telling American citizens to return to their home countries and “fix” them. What a frickin’ idjit.

Hot here but not insufferably so and it is summer so it’s supposed to be hot. Because you know what we have to look forward to here in the Great Lake State.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Pretty veggies! I like birds but don’t want to become a birder. No offense, but they seem a little weird. 3/4 of those legislators insulted by T. were born in this country and the other is a naturalized citizen, like my grandfather. (who was in the Army in WWI as a non-citizen) Of course, he was Scottish and white, so there’s probably the difference.