The answer is below the Numbrix

So, about as hot as it gets. We are practicing Art Fair(s) Avoidance this weekend. Well, the GG did walk through the fair(s) yesterday and today going to and from the Honda dealer where my loverly Ninja was undergoing surgery to fix her A/C and brakes. $1600+. Yeah. I think she is angry at me. Maybe she doesn’t realize that she is not being displaced by Moon Unit’s eventual arrival. I am not quite finished with her and her manual tranny.

Hot Hot Hot! Yes. I tried to sit in the back yard for 20 minutes or so this afternoon between work and walking over to Knights. I do not normally sweat a whole lot but at one point my arm had been resting on my plastic Adirondack chair arm for a while and when I lifted it up, there was a significant amount of water there. I was also concerned that my sweat would compromise my MacBook trackpad (dear Apple, please harden your laptops against the teensiest tinsiest bits of H2O…) but I had a dry dishtowel at the ready in case any beads of sweat got within two inches of it (dear Apple…). TMI.

Practicing Art Fair(s) Avoidance means not going downtown so we snagged tonight’s reservations over at Knights, the neighborhood pub, early in the week. That was a good thing because it was slammed. I had my eye on the tuna special. I mean tuna steak, not tunafish salad. When we were ordering, the waiter told us there was ONE tuna left and if anyone wanted it, let him know NOW! I raised my hand and the waiter RAN to reserve that one last tuna steak for me. It was LOVERLY and I took half of it home as usual. I don’t think we are going to the Griz for lunch tomorrow (because Art Fair(s) Avoidance) so it’ll make a good lunch.

As we were getting toward the end of dinner, my iPhone proclaimed a severe thunderstorm warning. We decamped to the Landfill for a nightcap of porterization and watched a beautiful storm roll through. It was one of those storms that dumped a lot of rain and threw a few little thunderbolts but didn’t drop tornadoes or hail or trees, at least not here. The worst of it was probably north of us. A comfortable storm that cooled us down a bit.

I am up waaaaay past my bedtime but I kinda don’t care. It’s the middle of summer and the last weather prediction I remember seeing says it’ll be 97 tomorrow. I give myself a pass at that temp although I will still probably resist closing everything up and turning on the A/C. And I do want to get to the farmers market when it opens tomorrow morning. At seven. The birds will wake me up but they are of no help getting me outta bed.

G’night, KW

2 Responses to “The answer is below the Numbrix”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Since our summer has been so nice and cool (70s and 80s with occasional rain), I’m afraid of how I’ll handle Iowa. Their temps are like yours. Ryan and Ziggy the cat are suffering in New York. I think you’re wise to avoid the crowds. They are no fun, especially in hot weather.

  2. jane Says:

    my power went out about 8:30 last night. I was at work all day (breakfast out at Mark’s Midtown!) and when I got home the power was back. hooray! looks like more thunderstorms are on the way potentially, so hopefully there won’t be a repeat of last night. but much cooler temps tomorrow will help.