Yellow umbellifers and subwoofers

I made it to the farmers market when it opened this morning but I also overslept. What woke me up was a text message from a beach urchin who wanted me to pick up a certain yellow umbellifer from a certain vendor. Okay, I am getting up. NOW! She told me where the vendor was located but not who it was. This can be a problem because most vendors are assigned space on a first-come-first-serve basis so their location can change weekly. Then I thought about the location I was told and… Oh! Wait! Does she sell out of a truck? Yes. I KNOW her! It’s Jenna Janna. We were WCC classmates. She *is* in the same location every week and she was there today and she had a bucket full of beautiful yellow umbellifers.

Among other things, I went inside to the fish market. I was looking for swordfish kebabs but they were out BUT they had some LOVERLY sashimi-grade tuna steaks. Two of them! Thinking back to last night’s tuna steak, I said, “I’ll take ’em!” (To freeze and take to the yooperland where you can’t usually buy things like that.) They were expensive as all getout but I had eyeballed the price and their size and figured they were a little on the high end but wouldn’t break my bank. Then my ears heard this total: $292. Whaaaaa? How much??? $82. Oh, okay. That’s much better. And we had a laugh about sticker shock at the fish market. (I estimate the two of us will each get two meals out of these things so it’ll amount to about $20 a person per meal.)

Most people I encountered this morning were pretty groggy so I think a lot of people were up late with the heat and storms and many folks lost power. Victoria of Protective Fish lost power and only got a few hours of sleep and said she needed to put some mascara on to make her feel human (trust me, if you knew Victoria, it would be funny). The GG didn’t get up until after I got back from the market.

Mid-morning I was humming along amid various cleaning-cooking-laundry prodjects. I was sitting in the still relatively cool backyard shelling peas (really surprised to see them this morning, it’s late for them) when I was asked out on a date! Where to? The Dump! I hemmed and hawed a bit. I had things to do. He said, “Oh c’mon, Garbage Woman, it’s yer fav-o-rite place.” It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. We dumped off a HEAVY load of the dirtiest cement blocks you can imagine. I guess the idea was to schlep them over NOW in the Frog Hopper rather than get Moon Unit all dirtied up when she eventually lands. And oh. When we got to The Dump, my date did not have any money so *I* had to pay for the date! (He was lucky I got cash at the market ATM this morning.)

I guess I will just post this. I have more chores to do this afternoon but am refraining because the GG is out cold on the couch in the back room and it is open to the chitchen and I don’t want to disturb him with all my banging around. To look forward to? Possible thunderstorms later in the afternoon / evening and Mouse coming over for dinner and a Shed Beer.

Oh but wait! How could I forget the anniversary of the moon landing? What were you doing on this date in 1969? I was SICK! Yes. I was at the Piedy cabin with all the other beach teeny-boppers and we had Ag’s little black-and-white (I think) TV on and I would NOT admit that I was sick (fever and sore throat cold virus). I think I even went SWIMMING that day! In Lake Superior! I wouldn’t admit that I was sick because I sooooo wanted to watch the moon landing with my friends rather than my square, uncool old parents. For the record, I was also sick when John Glenn orbited the earth in 1962. We were watching it at school (where did we get a TV from?) and I threw up all over my desk. TMI? 🐽

3 Responses to “Yellow umbellifers and subwoofers”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Glad you made it to Farmer’s Market after last night’s storm. Glad we all stayed hydrated during last night’s heat wave. And your whole-house fan was much appreciated. Hard to believe that the first lunar landing was fifty years ago today. Congrats, in advance, in landing and setting foot on your very own Moon Unit.

  2. jane Says:

    I was at YOUR cabin with your parents and others for the moon landing. I remember it pretty well, although it seemed to be late when Armstrong finally got out. I was probably tired after a hard day playing on the beach. 😉 and hey – invite me over next time for a Shed Beer. 😉

  3. Margaret Says:

    Glad you could get to the market and that you got what you wanted. I always intend to go to our downtown farmers market and then talk myself out of it. Crowds. I too enjoy trips to the dump; it’s quite an adventure. I’m going to need to take all my old fence panels, as well as a broken down BBQ to the dump, somehow. Luckily, John has a Ford 350 pick-up; unfortunately it’s a short bed. I’ll have to figure something out. Stay cool(ish)!!