Yes, there used to be a refrigerator there

Yesterday was such an exciting day and when I left off my chronicle of yesterday’s events, I expected the only thing left was Shed Beer with Mouse but that turned into Back Room ‘hattans because rainstorms. But…

We had a sorta surprise visit from a wonderful set of travelers from a western state. Our niece and her three beautiful young daughters, 8, 5, and 2. Sorta surprise? We knew she was traveling to Michigan (most of the cFam lives in Michigan, including her mom, dad, and paternal grandparents). There was talk of her stopping here on the way over to Megalopolis (Detroit metro area) but it wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that we knew for sure she would be able to visit.

J is almost exactly 10 years older than Lizard Breath and when Lizard Breath was a baby, J visited us for a week a couple of times during her school holidays. The GG had helped a lot with J when *she* was a baby so she was very comfortable staying at our house. She was a great help with LB. Oh, not that LB was ever any kind of problem to deal with, just that it was nice to have an extra pair of capable hands to help get her in and out of her car seat, etc.

We don’t see J a lot because western state and I was amazed at how well she remembered our funky little house. And that there was a REFRIGERATOR there where those red shelves are now, not to mention the WINDOW. Yes. There was.

The plan was for them to stop for a very short visit (grandma was *anxiously* awaiting their arrival) and I am soooo glad they did. There was a bit of angst on our part regarding their departure because severe storms were about to move in. We were anxious for them to get on the road and out ahead of the storms. But of course, a last-minute bathroom break was in order. When you are traveling with children and there’s a bathroom opportunity, you don’t mess around and that’s about all I will say about that.

We asked that J or her mom text us when they arrived safely. In the end, the GG was antsy enough that he called J and they were on their way in the door so we stopped worrying.

BTW: I cleaned and decluttered the entire chitchen including these shelves today. I am still not happy with these (cheap) shelves. I guess I need to get motivated to look around again… I probably won’t get rid of them, just move them outside.

One Response to “Yes, there used to be a refrigerator there”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s interesting how many things are frozen in time for us; we don’t expect changes, which always seem to occur. Western state, eh? Not mine I assume?