Bullety brain

— Cubelandia: I have spent at least a week navigating my way through a labyrinth of custom processing functionality in a wee little corner of our product. I now have a document that tracks every bit of this crapola. What it does (if I can figger that out) and where it was specified (or not…). My pretty little document is strewn with “pictures” and annotated with detailed questions. All wrapped up in a speshul little package for FZ when he returns in a few weeks. Which is when I return. Except I haven’t left yet. Got done with that at 4:00 and circumnavigated Cubelandia via the parking lot while I pondered what to start on next. When I got back, the dev team was a-knock knock knockin’ on my door. Problem solved.

— Mail: Got home and @tmotu was waiting for me at the door. Oh dear, I really need to be spacified when I get home so WTF was he doing haaaannnnggging around by the door. Well, I received a package today and HE WANTED TO OPEN IT! What was in the package? A couple of new iPhone charging cables and a solar charger. He was sooooo excited! I said, “Go for it!” You almost can’t ever have too many of those things.

— Food: What’s for dinner? I wasn’t sure if there was ANYTHING for dinner tonight. It is a dance trying to empty the refrigerator before a vacation and still have enough to eat without having to go out to eat all the time. We’ll squeak by for tonight and I might even get a wee leftover lunch tomorrow. I have a lot of stuff in the freezer but that’s gonna be packaged up to take to the moomincabin.

— Neighbors: Henrietta has been haaaannnnging around for something like 15 minutes now, eating up a storm and seemingly oblivious to our presence. She seems to be avoiding crossing the line into full sunlight. Not sure exactly what’s she’s thinking. Is it because she’ll be more visible to predators in the sun or is it simply that it’s cooler in the shade?

— And that’s all. Except WHOA! I finished my 2019 Goodreads reading challenge. A beach urchin has suggested that I extend it to 100. We’ll see. I’ll blahg about that some other day.

2 Responses to “Bullety brain”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think you should now read completely for pleasure. My problem with setting goals is that I seem to treat them as though they were written in concrete! Then I push myself too hard and lose some enjoyment in the process. We have many bunnies around here, and unfortunately, too many dead ones on the road. 🙁

  2. Isa Says:

    I was teasing a little! But I do think you could make it to 100.