Stairway to nowhere

I guess we all take turns as restless sleepers. This morning it was the GG’s turn. This was okay. I start up a waking/sleeping cycle around 4:00 AM or so most mornings. I am used to it and it’s almost kind of comfortable for me.

The problem is that sometimes crazy REM dreams accompany this Batscope stuff and it can be worse when I am dealing with a restless sleeper. This morning it was BIGTIME Shoreline Dreams albeit most of the action took place *inside* the moomincabin, not on the beach. My parents were alive and mom was burning some sort of plant in the sink and I dunno what that was all about but I wanted to go upstairs. Problem? The stairs/ladder had collapsed!

I won’t bore you with any of the other details of the dream (I can’t actually remember all of the details). This is not the best pic but it is not a dream. It is a real pic of the ladder that we use to get to the second floor of the moomincabin. My parents added a second floor to the cabin the year after I gave birth to my first daughter. Their first granddaughter of four. The writing was on the wall that the moomincabin needed more space.

In a lot of ways I love what my parents did but I kind of wish they wouldn’t have cheaped out quiiiiite as much as they did. This ladder is not in any danger of collapsing like it did in my dream. It is very sturdy. But it is not “to code”. I/we are thinking we want to change this somehow. I am not sure we will get rid of the interior ladder but some of us want to build an outdoor staircase leading to an actual upstairs *door*. Myself? I would like an upstairs *bathroom* but that is probably a pipe dream.

Soooo fun tonight. npJane came over for Shed Beer. Alas, Shed Beer didn’t actually happen because we had storms rolling through so we had to decamp to the Back Room. After much talk, I cooked rainbow trout from Monahan’s and various sides and I think we all ended up happy 🧡🧡🧡

One Response to “Stairway to nowhere”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s almost like a loft ladder, right? I’m definitely not good on ladders, although perhaps I was better when I was younger.