Sunfish race

When I was a wee girlie, my dad owned a wee sunfish sailbote. Here’s my dad and there’s no sunfish sailbote in the pic but there is a gratuitous shot of one (of many) of the old forts us kids built out of the paper pulp logs that used to wash up on the moominbeach.

Here is the sunfish sailbote. One of the blokes is undoubtedly my dad, not sure which one or who the other is.

Here is yer fav-o-rite blahgger suited up and ready for a sail.

Back during the summer of 1961, there were a few folks along Birch Point Beach who owned sunfish sailbotes and someone organized a RACE! It was soooooo exciting! My dad and his sunfish WON THE RACE! Here is the plaque he was awarded. The loon feather is a recent adornment.

Yesterday a neighbor arranged a modern day version of our old sunfish race. We did not participate in the race because we no longer have sunfish sailbotes (and don’t really know the neighbor). I do not have any pics of the race because I limit my photo technology to whatever iPhone cam I have (X at the moment). The botes were far enough away that there wasn’t any point. Click here for a couple good ones including my cuzz Pooh’s pic of the one bote that capsized (all was well).

Yesterday was a totally fun day with people on the beach ALL DAY, including the race watching denizens (and their photobomber) in the pic below. Most of our guests had such a good time that they did not leave today as was sorta planned. I am happy about this (daughters and friends). Teriana did have to leave (sadly) but we all ate lunch at Pickles before their departure.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    In my humble opinion, it is often more fun to observe than it is to participate. Perhaps I’m just lazy? Your dad was a handsome guy, and he looks tall. Was he?