In which Gitchee Gumee shows off a bit of her “stuff” for our guests

It’s always loverly to entertain people at the moominbeach when we have actual Beach Days. I mean the ones where it is so hot that going swimming actually feels good.

We have had a few days like that and then there was yesterday during which two severe thunderstorms rolled in. The one in the pic is the morning storm. Can you see the rain coming down over there by Mission Hill? It eventually hit us here at the beach. I was puzzled when I heard the tornado siren go off in Brimley though because this was not tornado weather. But then one of my weather apps reported a marine warning for the area, meaning the water was not safe for small craft so I think that was why they blew the siren.

The afternoon storm was not quite as pretty in terms of color but it did kick up the water in our bay with great ferocity and it got dark enough that we lit a few Cocktail Lights. A couple of our guests live in San Francisco where thunderstorms are rare so I’m sure this was a treat for them.

The other great excitement (not) is that I managed to snag the only iPhone XS in Sault Ste. Siberia this morning. My iPhone has been in an intermittent failure mode for a month or so. It would 1) [sometimes] open and close apps or move to different pages or type random characters in the text entry box all by itself and 2) [sometimes] not respond to my touch. Once (of many times) I tried to re-a-start it, I found myself on the shutdown page unable to get it to respond. I was terrified that it would decide to dial 9-1-1.

Yesterday I happened to look at one of its edges and realized the screen was kind of bowed outward and separated from the side. This did not seem good. In fact it seemed downright dangerous. Bad battery maybe? So I spent f-o-r-e-v-e-r backing it up to iTunes on my laptop and we headed in to pick up a new phone. The GG fake-cried when I handed over the $1000 plus payment.

Our guests have left for a couple days so we did a good sweep/vacuum and I sorted out the refrigerator. It really wasn’t all that dirty here. It used to be AWFUL when my brother’s dogs came here (I liked the dogs though). And the refrigerator yielded enough leftovers that we’ll be able to get by on those until the crowd comes back.

And what a GREAT crowd! Nine adults in this rustic little cabin is a tight squeeze but all of our guests were cheerful, good at taking care of themselves, and making positive contributions to our little community. The youngest among us is now old enough to buy beer and she did when we thought we were in danger of running out (not). I miss them and I’m glad they are coming back 🧡🧡🧡

The GG is crashed out somewhere recovering from his strenuous morning of watching me spend a bunch of money and my new iPhone has been loading up apps for HOURS. Mostly apps that I never use… Note to self…

2 Responses to “In which Gitchee Gumee shows off a bit of her “stuff” for our guests”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m thinking I need to trade in my 7 for a more advanced model in the near future. It hasn’t been misbehaving YET but may choose one of my trips (probably the one to Scotland) to do so. That would be disastrous. Your group sounds very congenial and fun!!

  2. l4827 Says:

    Love the thunder storms! And the alarms going off! We’ve been around during such times… Had plenty of emergency supplies on hand to weather such storms– gin, beer, vermouth, and the like. Hope you were prepared!