I’ll sic Mocha on you

A little marital discord anyone? This marital discord involves windows at the moomincabin. It is a really windy day with the wind out of the northwest, which means it is coming straight onto the beach with big waves, etc. The ambient temperature is not all that cold and if Uber Kayak Woman were here, she would’ve dragged us all into the lake for body surfing.

On a beautiful warm sunny WINDY day like today it is perfectly comfortable to sit down on the bank but at a certain point, the wind kind of wears you down and eventually you feel like you need to get inside. So when I came up to the moomincabin after a sojourn of sitting on the moominbeach, the GG was nowhere to be seen (nap time) and I made a ‘hattan for me and a freezer ‘hattan for the GG and went out to sit on the deck. The kitchen window was open pretty much as far as it goes, as is shown in the pic.

Then the GG surfaced from his NAP. And proceeded to mostly close the window, as you can see in the second pic. Grrrr… Today was an okay day for most of the windows to be closed and for the glass to be in the front door. The kitchen window and the back door? We need those to be open. We argued about it for a bit and then he went in the bathroom or wherever and while he was there, I opened the window again.

We have guests in the moomincabin so we kept our marital discord as quiet as possible and I am kidding about sic-ing Mocha the dog on him. As if I could get Mocha to obey any command I might give her. She is a loverly little doggie but she seems to exist to bark, be cute, and steal shoes and socks. We love her anyway. The cutosity helps.

Oh, by the way, when I was a kid, there were a few times The Commander managed to lock us out of the moomincabin and I got us inside by crawling through the window in the pic, across the kitchen sink and onto the floor to scamper over to one of the doors to unlock it. I can’t remember how we did this without breaking the screen but we somehow managed it.

One Response to “I’ll sic Mocha on you”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Patt and I had very different styles about window opening. We both liked the windows open in the house. In the bedroom, even in winter, we had it open a little bit. However, in the car, I didn’t like the windows down as much; it blew my hair all around. 🙂