The Old Cabin

This is the cabin I spent my first six summers in. (My branch of the fam owns the cabin next door to it now.) I have written before about how one of my earliest memories (6 months old or so) was the susurration of the wind in the pine trees when we approached the cabin.

As our families grew cousins (we are 11 in all) the old cabin became a bit too small for all of us. Fortunately our grandparents owned enough land to be able to divide it so all four of their children could build their own places. A “compound” if you want to call it that but don’t think “Kennedy Compound” because we are much more rustic than that.

My youngest aunt (still living, thank you very much) and her husband (My Dear Uncle Harry) ended up with the Old Cabin and they did some renovations a few years ago. The Old Cabin was built in 1924 and to quote Harry, “Some people have cabins but I have a Museum.”

We took our guests over for an Old Cabin tour last evening and My Dear Uncle Harry was happy to oblige. I remember things about being a small child there but Harry remembers things that happened well before I was born. He is a wonderful tour guide in his own museum.

When I was a kid, the Old Cabin had a front sleeping porch and a back kitchen/dining porch. The kitchen/dining porch was changed to be a more modern kitchen/bathroom/bedroom/dining area a while back and the front sleeping porch is still a sleeping porch but has also been remodeled.

As we were doing our tour, The Marquis asked if I had the infamous “feeding” pic. Yes I did but I knew that I couldn’t find it quickly last night. So here it is. We all look pretty dorky in this pic. What can I say. Depending upon where you were sitting, if you had to get out (to go to the outhouse), you “submarined” under the table. The adult back there serving people is The Commander and this was a Community Dinner where the whole fandamily ate together even though a couple of families had their own cabins at this point in time.

We don’t often do Community Dinners these days because our families have expanded to children and grandchildren of the original four siblings (my dad’s generation) and it is just not all that easy. But we love each other and remain very friendly and those old Community Dinners were soooo much fun.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love these great memories of yours, which you continue to make in present day with a new set of family members. That’s what it’s all about!