Three Day Blow

With any luck, we are about done with the northwest wind that has prevailed the last few days. We are at the end of what we typically call a Three Day Blow. Thursday was the start of the blow. Yesterday was the worst of the blow (see pic, we were sheltering behind the pines in front of the Old Cabin). Today the wind is still coming outta the northwest but it is nowhere near as strong as yesterday, warmer and no serious whitecaps and this evening things seem to be calming down. According to twitter, even @lakesuperior is getting taaaaared of blowing at us.

I was just about outta ideas for dinner after planning menus for varying numbers for a couple weeks. And then pizza got onto my brain. Now. I could make pizza but I didn’t really feel like doing that. Where can we get pizza without driving all the way in to Sault Ste. Siberia? Because I doubt anyone will deliver all the way out here. There MUST be someplace in Brimley that has pizza. These days we have such wonderful technology so I loaded up Google maps and typed in pizza and YES! A couple miles up the road just past the park store (where we go ALL THE TIME) is a pizza joint. We checked out their menu online and somehow managed to coordinate with the GG, who was traveling back from the Two-hearted area, to pick a couple pizzas up. Good pizza and lots of other good-looking stuff on the menu too.

This pizza joint has been through a number of different incarnations over the years. I remember it best when it was the Teepee Cone. A friend of my parents owned it and whenever my parents and Duck and Radical Betty went there for lunch, the owner would lock the door as soon as he saw my dad coming up the steps. It was all in fun.

The other technology we have today is texting. Oh, not that we haven’t had texting for a long time. But sitting down here on the beach all afternoon as Mouse and I did, I couldn’t help thinking about how useful texting would’ve been when my beach urchins and their cousins were young. I would be sitting down here watching them swim, etc., like my parents et al did when I was young. But y’know, us parent lifeguards do need bathroom breaks, etc., and it didn’t seem like my brother and his wife ever thought much about that and I didn’t feel like I could leave the kids alone on the beach. If only I could have texted them “hey, your turn”.

One Response to “Three Day Blow”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I thought I would hate texting, but it’s so convenient and lets me keep in touch with people easily. I LOVE PIZZA. In fact, perhaps that’s what I want for my birthday dinner. 🙂