“I thought I saw a tornado over there”

Just like that we are back on the Planet Ann Arbor and I am toadily roto from the long tandem (two vee-hickles, one hauling a trailer) drive down the I75 SUV Speedway, following along behind the Lyme Lounge forever.

A programmable road sign somewhere in the Grayling area warned us that there were traffic backups south of Standish. Okay. It didn’t warn us about the severe thunderstorm that hit us in that area. I white-knuckled it through that thing because I could barely see ANYTHING. I forced myself to focus on the Lyme Lounge’s tail lights ahead of me thinking of all the horrible things that could happen, like hydroplaning or being swept away by deep water on the road.

It wasn’t until we got home that the GG casually mentioned that he thought he might have seen a tornado over to the west of us. I’m not sure how he could see ANYTHING over to the west or anywhere else but I am also glad that *I* did not notice the maybe tornado over to the west because *I* wouldda been in full-tilt boogie freak-out mode. Y’know, having lived through a cyclonic storm in an automotive vee-hickle, it is not an experience I ever want to y’know, experience ever again.

The good thing is that when the storm (cyclonic or not) hit, we were in one of the predicted backups so everybody was going S-L-O-W anyway and therefore no one slammed on their brakes and hydroplaned or whatever.

Waaaaay before the storm when we were not too far south of the Big Mac, a beach urchin called to ask if she and her sister could come over and make dinner for us. Yes yes yes yes! We did not close the moomincabin today but we pulled every single little scrap of food out of it, perishable or not, and dragged it down here and the Planet Ann Arbor refrigimatator is a mess (THREE BOTTLES OF SRIRACHA???) and it’ll probably be a while before the refrigimatator is in the kind of state I prefer it to be in. I could’ve scrambled a leftover dinner together for the two of us but it is sooooo much fun to not have to do that. And the “kids” are even making their own ‘hattans.

The pic is from a few moominbeach mornings ago but this morning looked a lot like this.

One Response to ““I thought I saw a tornado over there””

  1. Margaret Says:

    My Ohio kid tells me that they’re having lots of thunderstorms there; are you close to her? I’m going to have to study my geography!