Growin’ a pair…

Yeah, back at Cubelandia today. Me and FZ have not been in the office together in at least three weeks. Today, we both knew we were there but we didn’t talk until about mid-morning, around the time the stand-up got canceled. Two outta three switches were “hard” down and connectivity was sporadic although I had it.

About a split second after I re-occupied my cube after three weeks away, Building Mom dumped off my NEW laptop. So… I spent a lot of the morning copying stuff out to the company cloud just in case the Blue Cable failed (it has been known to). Unfortunately I accidentally copied a folder out to the cloud that happened to have a file in it with confidential data so my boss got an email… She knew exactly what I was doing and also knew that I didn’t know I had a file like that. It was seven years ago, fer kee-reist. Anyway, I don’t think the file got uploaded successfully and I was all sheepish and whatever.

The file transfer to my new laptop got stymied a couple of times, the second when I got to the new laptop and the transfer program did not recognize the serial number…

Here is the Owl and Pussycat cloth that I grew up with. I found it in the moomincabin and I think it belongs to Mouse.

So I am done for now and we are hanging out in the back yard. Good night, KW

One Response to “Growin’ a pair…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I always had snafus when copying files over, so I have a bit of a phobia about it. That and downloading or upgrading software. Always glitches.(for me anyway!)