Bunny hop

So now I am lugging TWO laptops back and forth to Cubelandia every day. I emailed “Bunny” today to ask if there was any progress on getting my serial number set up. The reply was mostly incomprehensible, something like he didn’t “build” my musheen yet. But how could that be since it was delivered three weeks ago? I forwarded this on to Amazon Woman and her response was basically “Ugh” and “I remember that name”… So I wait. I don’t really care if I have a new laptop or not (unless the old one throws the Black Screen of Death and Cursor at me again). I just hate to be in Blue Cable Limbo.

I did finally get back into Cubelandia mode though, with the result that once when I was “feet up” thinking about how to write something, I almost fell asleep. I ‘fessed up to AW and FZ and FZ said something like, “it was probably that sequence number thingy, roight?” Yes. Yes it was. Simple enough on the surface and then you are in a rabbit hole a mile deep.

And she wrote all of the above BS and then we met up at Sessions with npJane, Pooh, and the Marquis. A good time was had by all.

Some of the younger generation are not all that crazy about having an American flag on the beach in front of the moomincabin. I understand but I have some mixed feelings. I am a patriot but I do not agree with a lot of the things the Orange Baboon and other leaders are trying to shove down our throats. Fortunately, I am free (for now) to disagree with them. Let’s hope that doesn’t change soon. It is actually a sorta raggedy flag but I feel as though that matches the current state of our country’s values and ideals.

Also, since our beach borders Canananada, the American flag indicates to Canadians who have washed up in the fog or whatever that they are approaching a beach in a “foreign” country and may be subject to border patrol or ICE activities. Putting up a flag seems like the least we can do. It is rare for a Canadian to wash up on our beach and NONE of those who ever have were immigrants. More likely wealthy Canadian folks with bote trouble.

6 Responses to “Bunny hop”

  1. Robert J Courtois Says:

    Who didn’t want a flag? Screwballs?

  2. l4827 Says:

    The American flag, of freedom, we think is a good thing.

  3. Margaret Says:

    It seems like the flag has a purpose there. I will just say that patriotism is not nationalism. (as you know) Instead of idolizing the flag, supporting what it stands for (liberty, equality and justice for all) would be nice. Not seeing much of that these days.

  4. TMOTU Says:

    Some of the “younger generation” exist in politically correct environments where it is impossible (not allowed) to voice freedom of thought or exercise critical thinking skills. They get their news from Twitter, NPR, and Facebook which are heavily FILTERED towards the politically correct “Cultural Marxists”. Cultural Marxism is the platform of the current Democrat party. Consequently, they bring that anti-USA and (yes) anti-white crap back home and appear to hate their own culture. It is ignorant. It is sad that they are learning that their own culture is somehow evil. It sucks. They are taught that the USA is evil. Even though billions of earthlings want to move to the USA.

    The USA is great! It is the only place on earth where you can travel thousands of miles without being molested. Multiple generations have fought for this country. The flag is a mere symbol.

    The flag should (WILL) be displayed on the beach and should be displayed everywhere else.


  5. kayak woman Says:

    I love you buddy but I wonder if a person can travel freely all over the USA if their skin color is not white like ours is.

  6. Mouse Says:

    Glad you think we’re so stupid, dad. I’ll just descend into the depths of my worthless, pitiful, hopelessly female mind that is free from the burdens and benefits of critical thinking skills. Ah, bliss.

    As a clarification, that particular flag was on the bench, whipping around, hitting people and knocking things over. Now it’s square in the middle of the view.