Breaking my own rules

I sorta broke my own rules yesterday when I referred to “patriotism” without attempting to define it. I’m not gonna try to define it now but I get frustrated when I hear various groups of people labeled this that or the other thing. Socialist is what I have been hearing a lot, often directed at the political party that I usually vote for nowadays, you know, the “Democrat” party.

On a more intellectually energetic day, I looked up “socialism” (Merriam-Webster) and I do not understand how people like me who (in this day and age) vote for Democrats can be labeled as socialists. That’s as far as I’ma gonna go with that. Look up “socialism” yourself and if you know me (a systems analyst who can pay my own way but cares about others who can’t), ask yourself if I am a “socialist”. We need to stop labeling and build a society that has room for everyone.

I broke another rule a couple days ago when I replied to a comment a “relative” made on social media (it was on another person’s social media and that person is blameless). The comment, although vague, was highly inaccurate if you happen to know the backstory. I am all too intimately familiar with the backstory and I have saved a well-organized collection of documentation about it along with other FinFam documents.

Shot across the bow: If and when the more sordid bits of my family’s business and/or history are aired on the internet, anywhere and no matter how vaguely, I WILL call it out. (I think we ALL have family stuff that doesn’t belong on the internet.)

On a lighter note, I was picking away at whatever at work this afternoon and I heard a familiar voice say something about “Apple Dapple Cake”. Lewie-Lewiiiii was in for a visit! I can’t believe we lost him THREE years ago, on that year’s Black Thursday. He is not gainfully employed but is retirement age and seems to be doing fine. We run a Skeleton Crew nowadays.

Finally… A whole bunch of golf balls floated up on the moominbeach this summer. The Beautiful Teri took some home to her golf obsessed husband but a few of them made it back to the Landfill. Is this the new hobby? Where did that golf club come from? Is golf preferable to fly fishing? Or is it better to pursue both, like our beloved brother JimC?

One Response to “Breaking my own rules”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Labelling and/or name calling shuts down intelligent discussion and (in my opinion) lowers the person’s IQ by 50 points or so. It also destroys any respect I might have for him/her. As much as I disagree with and revile certain politicians, I TRY to avoid lowering myself to their level. I need this backstory…