Number nine Number nine

Okay, this was just odd enough that I have to write about it. (Not the pic, that’s bizness as usual.)

I was stopped at the Jackson/Maple intersection this morning on my way to Cubelandia. It is the third intersection out of something like 13 on my eight mile trip and it is a big fugly intersection with all kinds of turn lanes and things and this ancient white vee-hickle came cruising along in the right turn lane next to me at a kind of high rate of speed. As it passed me, I saw “Trans am” on the back. An old muscle car. If the Engineer was still around he probably could’ve told you what model year it was and any number of details. I am lucky if I can manage to put my laundry into my own vee-hickle so obviously I am not talented at recognizing anything about automotive vee-hickles, including the model year. As it swung around the corner, I could see that it had a big numeral 9 on the side, like a race car I guess.

The light finally turned and I trundled along over to Cubelandia along the “back” roads. I figgered the Trans am was headed over to get onto the I94 18-wheel Slogway and I soon forgot about it.

After I turned into Cubelandia, I realized there was an old white car behind me, not exactly tailgating but close. I certainly couldn’t tell what it was from the rear view mirror but I had this sneaking suspicion… When I turned onto Technology from Avis, it went straight and I craned my neck around to look at the side. Sure enough, there was a big numeral 9! (In case I wasn’t clear, it was the SAME DERN (weird) VEE-HICKLE I saw at the beginning of my commute.)

Of course the driver gunned the engine like crazy after being stuck behind meeeee for a whole 10th of a mile. The speed limit is 25 in Cubelandia and the poleese do sometimes patrol.

I dunno why it was at Cubelandia or if it took the freeway to get there or not but if it did take the freeway, apparently my route to work doesn’t take any longer than taking the freeway. I don’t take the freeway because the entrance ramp involves a hairpin turn. I am not afraid of that entrance ramp but I think if I navigated it *every* day, I would be tempting fate.

The pic? Some might guess that we ate at our neighborhood pub/steakhouse Knights tonight and we were lucky enough to be seated next to the railing on the balcony, where there can be some good, uh, “people-watching”. (He was concerned about that strange “point” in his shirt. It is a benign artifact related to how his body is twisted.)

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  1. Margaret Says:

    You will have to explain this 9 business to me…I’m dense!!