Loima beans

The last time I went to the farmers market I got shelling peas. Today. Today. Today. No one had shelling peas. I didn’t think they would. But… I GOT LIMA BEANS! I paid $20 for four little boxes. They were shelled. I LOVE lima beans. I know not everyone does and that’s okay. But just once you should try them fresh. With a little vite of vutter 😉 and/or some lemon pepper.

What else did I get? Little potatoes, corn, and a beautiful box of mixed lettuces. I didn’t go too bananas because we need to be able to eat this stuff up. I also got tomatoes and beautiful round eggplants from Farmer John yesterday at work.

We didn’t do the Oscar Tango last night. Our friends of porterization were heading downstate at the time so we did Knights instead. Tonight we got porterized down at the Red Hawk. They have demoted the duck quesadillas from a “small plate” to an appetizer but I love them so that’s what I got. The drinks are also decent and our server, who we’ve had before, was wonderful.

That’s about all I have for now. Pretty benign entry but wanted to make sure the beach urchins knew I was still sentient 🐽

One Response to “Loima beans”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think that small plates, appetizers and tapas are all essentially the same thing. I love them because they’re just my size, and I can share a couple with my date. 🙂 I LOVE lima beans too! They are called butter beans in some places. I didn’t know that.