Oh just sit still for once

Yesterday I was all let’s go somewhere for lunch tomorrow. I meant someplace like Grand Blanc or Daytwa or whatever. This morning? When I got back from my walk, the GG was up with coffee going so I took a cuppa out in the back yard and THIS was my view. Can you say greeeeeen? The forecast was something like this ALL DAY so I decided I was gonna hang out HERE. And I did.

I did a lot of reading, finishing the second of two mediocre books. You probably don’t wanna know. I “previewed” both of them and thought they might be intriguing. The first was, well… Kind of shallow although I’m not sure the author intended that. But really. Hollywood movie star comes from nothing with no acting experience (but she’s BEAUTIFUL), makes it big-time in the movies and marries SEVEN men, none of whom were the love of her life. There was a shocking twist at the end. Meh. The second one promised one-way travel to colonize Mars and a kind of “reversal” of Darwin’s evolutionary theories. It gave a nod to climate change but didn’t tie it in to any of the other “science-y” stuff. Alas, the book did not “hang together” well for me, focusing way too much on a dysfunctional blended family and their not-very-interesting issues. Ho hum.

I also did a lot of cooking/food prep, not that I spent much time slaving over a hot stove. Tonight we’re having pheasant (grilled), eggplant parmesan, corn (grilled), pasta with pesto, lima beans, and salad. Sound like a lot? Yes it is. I’m hoping we can coast on it for a couple of days. It’s a short week and I’m trying to simultaneously keep the refrigimatator inventory under control and binge on the beautiful fresh produce we get at this season. Cognitive dissonance.

2 Responses to “Oh just sit still for once”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Titles? I’ve enjoyed our last two BC reads “The Great Believers” and “Daisy Jones and the Six.” Neither one blew me away, but the former has made me think a lot about that period of time (the ’80s AIDS epidemic) and the latter opened up the world of a rock band to me.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Oh, and the view is gorgeous!!