So, whaddya do when you become a pensioner? In this case it varies WILDLY. The very first day, I was about to leave for work and he was in the back yard with his telescope. What was he looking for? Mercury to transit the Sun. I think. When I left for work, he was nowhere. Until I drove down the street and there he was at the corner. With his telescope. Later that day he built me a new compost bin. I needed one.

His activities range from sublime (my She Shed) to just plain useful (he is great with a vacuum cleaner) to total absurdity (a tin foil hat). But I never know what I am gonna come home to. This weekend, in addition to leveling out the ground around the She Shed, he at one point was messing around with some pieces of faaarwood. He was wearing a hat and suspenders looking every bit a little old pensioner as you can see.

He was making a frankenmonster! I’m calling it Frankengrowler after its creator.

And then there was this… I bought the GG this little robutt (intentionally misspelled) a few xmases ago.

He played with it for a few minutes that day and I do not think I have seen him touch it since. Until tonight… The only sizeable non-carpeted space of floor in the Landfill is the Chitchen. So there he is. Which means I cannot comfortably hang out there. I manage to rumba with Rooooomba but this li’l robutt guy is tooooo small. Plus the GG is in myyyyy space. It’s okay, we’ll manage.

3 Responses to “Frankengrowler”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I expected to be WAY more productive in my retirement than I’ve turned out to be.

  2. TMOTU Says:

    Anne only knows about a small fraction of what goes on around here when she is not at home.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    “Anne”, known on the internet as kayak woman, knows this all too well (Never did like the name Anne, BTW)