Log pile Train

All I have to say about today is that yer fav-o-rite blahgger battled with a content management system ALL DAY. It won in the end and YFB had to file a support ticket. Wish her luck 🐽

So a couple days ago, the GG posted a comment that called me by my “government name”, Anne, and I commented back that I have never liked that name and to call me KW, at least on the internet. I won’t go into detail about why I don’t like my name, mostly that it has never “fit” me for reasons that are hard to articulate but also because whenever my moom used it, I was usually in some kind of trouble and her tone of voice made it sound a lot like a buzzer. (I did not figure the buzzer thing out until a few years ago.)

Some might think it’s unusual that one of my Uber Cuzzints (three of us who share the same birth year) is also named Anne. I was born first, in Michigan. She was born a few months later, in Colorado. Both sets of parents figured it was okay for us to have the same name because it didn’t seem likely we would know each other well. At least that’s the story I heard as a child. I don’t really see why there is NOT a reason to name two cousins the same name. Of course as it turned out her family moved “back” to Michigan and although our families never lived in the same city, we spent summers together and some xmases at our grandparents, and random weekends, etc. So we are BFFs along with our mutual cousin UKW (who has a different government name but it also starts with A).

I can only guess that the other Anne likes her government name better than I like mine but ironically, most of the family and a fair number of friends call her “Pooh”, which she also doesn’t seem to mind. This is after Winnie-the-Pooh, which various parents read aloud to us when we were children at the Old Cabin.

Here we are sitting on the Train outside the Old Cabin. The Train had “seats” cut into the logs and we played all kinds of fun games on it and once spent an afternoon sitting there waiting for my dad to bring home my family’s rescue puppy Tigger. (I was terrified of Tigger for about the first six hours of our relationship after which she became my best friend for [her] life and my only dog ever.) Well, we probably didn’t sit there ALL afternoon but we were there when they arrived. Looks like we’re eating lunch in this pic. That’s meeeee with the blonde hair, Pooh, her little sis Jay, and my little bro’ The Engineer.

Alert! Alert! Alert! We interrupt this blahg of blather to announce that a RIPE APPLE has fallen from the Landfill Backyard Apple Tree! And KW retrieved it for her lunch tomorrow!

Do you like your name? Because I am not crazy about mine, I do not mind that one of the beach urchins does not like her government name. In fact, I do not even tell people what that name is. She chose her own name at the ripe old age of two and has managed to convince people to call her by her chosen name ever since, including professionally. I am proud of her for standing up for herself. As new parents we can only guess at what name might fit our children.

P.S. I do definitely go by my government name everywhere but the internet. And government name simply means the name on your birth certificate.

5 Responses to “Log pile Train”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Do people call you Anne? I like the name, although I had to grow into my own long and old-fashioned name. Now I love it, but as a child, I definitely wanted to be Debbie, Kathy, Karen, Lisa or one of the other popular names among my friends.

  2. Jay Says:

    I guess I don’t use my government name, except when required, or parents are involved.

  3. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I’ve never minded my name, but it sure was an unusual one when I was growing up. I knew NOBODY with that name. Now it’s everywhere. People always spell it wrong, though (with an “a”) and my last boss never once got it right, but he was a chucklehead.

  4. Pooh Says:

    I like my govt. name fine, but only spelled as Anne. A few years ago, I found out that my parents thought I’d be “Ann”, but the nurse at the hospital wrote it as “Anne” on the birth certificate. How right she (the nurse) was!

  5. Paulette Says:

    No. LOL