tilde delimited

The telescope was in the yard when I got home today. What was he viewing? Sunspots? Transit of some sort?

There was a “different” vee-hickle parked in the street outside the Landfill when I got home. It could easily have been someone visiting a neighbor but I “felt in my bones” that it somehow belonged to our house and yes it does. It belongs to a young relative’s friend and will be parked here for a while. That is FIIIIIINE with me. I’m glad our family’s young folks are not afraid to ask us baggy old bags for favors when they are down here going to college at the U of M.

Yes, the UMich is about to start up for the year and the traffic wasn’t tooooo terrible for meeeee today but I did not have to drive anywhere near downtown or campus.

The younger Obama child is at UMich. With her security detail. When I first read a tweet about this at 0-skunk-30, UMich would not confirm that she was a student. Privacy reasons and in this case security reasons. By my homeward drive-time, it seemed that the cat was outta the bag. Hope she has a wonderful time at our hometown university. I don’t expect Barack will frequent our fav-o-rite haunts when he visits but who knows.

I often deal with comma-delimited files. There’s the good old CSV file and BAI files are also comma delimited. We are now dealing with a tilde-delimited file format. Yes. Tilde. ~ This is throwing some of us off a bit (a tilde? really?) but it’s just a file format. Like operating systems, every file format is a file format and I’ve already got it all parsed out.

I have mixed feelings about the Black Flies Matter hat (I doooo get the yooper style humor) so we won’t talk about that except to say that at least it is not a MAGA hat. I will MUTILATE any MAGA (or KAG) hat that crosses my doorstep (or any of our carsteps or cabinsteps or camperstep or shedstep or garagestep). Just covering all the bases here.

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