Toad caravans

We are all cracking up that we have this beauteous cabin second home at Houghton Lake and even though it is occupied at nowhere near full capacity this weekend, those of us who own camping trailers have dragged them here so we can camp out in the yard.(You *know* we will make ample use of the modern indoor plumbing, roight?)

Here is the simple encampment the GG and I have set up in front of the cabin.

We arrived a few minutes before the UU and The Beautiful Gay and here is their encampment, which is much fancier than ours but they will be bunking with some grandchildren.

I can’t help but remember when Toady of Wind in the Willows set off with a new “caravan”, I think it was horse-drawn. It was all fitted out with every little amenity you could imagine but it almost immediately got knocked off the road by a Motorcar. Poop poop! Toady was so smitten by the Motorcar (poop poop!) that he forgot all about the caravan and bought himself a motorcar instead. That came to a bad end and, well, go read the book if you haven’t. It is as appropriate for adults as it is for children and I have to report that a once 4-year-old child of mine saved up her money for an American Girl doll only to change her mind at the last minute and buy a hard copy of Wind in the Willows instead. Values, people 🐸

Last, here is a gratuitous shot of Daisy and Lexy and a reflection of yer fav-o-rite blahgger with a dirty door in between. (Daisy is a Runner so we are careful about doors when she is about.)

G’night. KW

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