Seesaws on the other side

Can I just say that this cap’n is the 4th generation of bote cap’ns in the cFam. We took the Flote Bote over to the restaurant at the big hotel across the bay. The restaurant was fine and service improved after the waitress seemed to ascertain that we were not going to be problem customers even though we had a couple of children with us. And Frooogggy. Still it took us a while to settle the bill…

As we trickled out to the bote, a young cap’n across the dock from us asked Cap’n Chris (father of our cap’n) if we could tow his small Motor Bote over to the other side of the lake. His motor was flooded and even the Twins of Terror were unable to get it started. We would’ve loved to have helped but it was getting dark and his bote was in a safe place. In the end, I think the UU let the bote owner borrow his phone to call for a ride.

Eventually we all got onto the flote bote, all eight of us, and our cap’n trundled across Houghton Lake to our spot on Long Point, only asking his dad for help at the end (and then it was his granddaddy who ended up landing the bote). It was prob’ly good that the small bote was stuck at the restaurant marina. It was a wee bit bumpy and although those of us on the flote bote had a comfortable ride, it would’ve been dicey for a small bote and it wouldn’t have been fun to tow one.

Oh, and, I did sneak the rest of a glass of whine out of the restaurant in one of the straw-cups they serve children’s drinks in. Not sure that was legal but it was fun and I won’t say who suggested it.

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