Feetsball Saturday

Just taaaarred tonight. Got down to the farmers market early, then took a walk. Then laundry and other chores, then walked down to meet the GG at the Griz. The GG had taken off earlier to watch the helicopter fly-over at the uMich stadium.

Riding back over to the west side on the BUS I was reading a book on my phone but then the guy ahead of me struck up a convo. He is a year older than me and is a life-long Planet Ann Arbor resident. Pioneer High graduate. I timidly told him I spent my childhood in the yooperland but have lived in A2 my entire adult life, own a house there and brought my children up there. I timidly told him that my children went to “Commie High” and he admitted that one of his kids went there too. I was never squicked out about this guy but at one point I felt compelled to gesture that I was with the guy over in the seat across the aisle. The one who was reading an ancient book about the American revolution. I don’t think it mentions Jamie Fraser…

Of all things, the bus driver missed the turn onto Skyline High and had to do a fancy turnaround a bit down the road. We got home and kind of crashed and then the GG grilled a chicken and our mouse came over to help us eat it and take leftovers home to whatever raccoon is hungry.

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  1. l4827 Says:

    BTW, up in the UP, thrice hit on because of maize and blue shirts been worn by us. The harasser‘s were 2 U of M supporters and one Notre Dame type. Each had their own better game plan to discuss – lots of fun…