Handsome Goatsy

Yeah, what did I do today. Walked, spurned breakfast (or was that yesterday), topped off Ninja’s tank, did a quickie Meijer run, prepped for dinner tonight. Walleye with capers and black olives, etc. Eggplant parm (Farmer John’s beautiful eggplants!), noodles with pesto. Again, with luck we will have enough food hanging around here that I will just have to heat up leftovers for a couple days. I do have something speshul planned for Wednesday.

Obviously I don’t have much. The GG dragged me out for a ride in the county (Washtenaw County) and we found this loverly goat. The GG was worried that Mooon Yooonit would be in the pic and it was but what the heck, I cropped it.

I read a lot today. My current boooooook is Marge Piercy’s Woman on the Edge of Time. I read this book when I was a young college student. I remember only the skimpiest outline of it. A poor woman was released from a mental hospital… A poor woman was forced to give up her only child for adoption (at the age of four)… A poor woman lived in a crappy apartment sharing a toilet in the hall with other residents… A poor woman somehow traveled (intermittently) through time to a utopian society 150 years in the future… A poor woman landed again in a mental hospital (in her own time) even though she does not belong there…

It was a decent book when I first read it but I am not sure I understood it back then. I am re-reading it because Margaret Atwood listed it as one of her favorite works of speculative fiction. This time around I “get it” and the mental hospital is scarier than I remember it. I think it might make a good movie.

Margaret Atwood’s sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale is going to be released this week. I have had The Testaments on pre-order since sometime last winter. Cannot wait. But I will finish Woman on the Edge of Time before I read The Testaments. I think Margaret Atwood would approve.

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