If a tree falls…

Sitting around in the Landfill Back Room after a couple rounds of thunderstorms (with more to come), we heard a totally bizarre noise. It was so bizarre I can’t even remember what it sounded like. What was THAT?

THAT was a BIG tree branch cracking off the tree trunk and landing in the neighbors’ back yard. As far as I know, there is minimal damage to any structures, unlike that caused by the two trees that have fallen on The Landfill over the years. This was only a branch and it was a low branch at that. Of course the neighbors came out to see what the heck happened. They play with their 4-year-old and dog in the back yard a lot so lucky it was dark and the weather was inclement when this happened meaning they were not out there.

And then the neighbors from across the street came over. Luke sees EVERYTHING that happens around here it seems. Back in 2000, he was AWAKE at the Batscope Hour and looking out the window when Tree Number 1 fell on our house. I am often awake at the Batscope Hour but I’m not usually looking out the window. I wonder what I’m missing…

Someday I will have to make a cute little listicle of all the treefalls I have experienced here and in the woods behind us. We have had some really bizarre ones, especially in the woods. Shrapnel anyone? And there was one really bizarre incident at the moomincabin. But I don’t have the psychological energy for that tonight.

So g’night! KW

One Response to “If a tree falls…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We’ve been getting some big thunderstorms here too–I missed one because I was in Scotland. However, my clocks were all off when I got home due to a power outage. Issues with trees and branches falling terrify me.