Bird Art 💩

Isn’t this a loverly piece of art? If you are having trouble processing this image, it is a big dump of bird crapola on the Ninja’s rear right passenger seat window. (The GG has probably been wondering if I knew it was there. Yes, yes, I did.) There’s my phone in reflection as well as a view inside the vee-hickle. I keep hardly ANYTHING in the Ninja but I do keep reusable grokkery bags there. Of all sorts, insulated, fancy plastic ones, and Chico bags.

I am not sure how long I have been driving around with this piece of art on my window but at least a few days. I see it four times a day. Twice in the morning when I load and then unload my work gear into/outta the front passenger seat and again in the afternoon. Why don’t I wash it off? I dunno. The car wash is not on my way to and from Cubelandia maybe? I have no clue what kind of bird dumped this crapola on my vee-hickle but seems like it must have been something relatively large and I’m gonna guess it happened over at Cubelandia where there are large water birds of all sorts. Great Blue Heron maybe? Sandhill Crane? Swan? In a way the art almost looks like a cartoon-style bird… Ostrich maybe?

The only time in my life that I remember being personally hit by bird poop was during a canoe ride from the moominbeach to the sand islands over in Mo-skee-toe Bay. My old coot and his buddy Pete Sherman were paddling and there were a whole bunch of us kids sitting two by two in the canoe. In my little kid memory it was something like eight kids but my little kid memory is prob’ly not accurate. WE WERE ALL WEARING LIFE JACKETS. No fooling around about water safety for us kids on the moominbeach.

I was sitting somewhere mid-canoe next to my boyfriend Danny (we were six) and suddenly a seagull let loose and shat on my life jacket. I was horrified but didn’t get much help or even commiseration from the adult paddlers. “Sh*t happens” was their attitude. I had to pretty much suck it up and by the time we had explored the wonders of the sand islands, I *think* I had forgotten the crapola for the most part although I bet I cry-babied about it The Comm once we got back to the moomincabin. Or maybe I was in tomboy mode by that time.

The Ninja has been hit by several deluges of rain today so I bet my bird art is gone now. Aren’tcha glad I captured that image before it went away? 🐽

2 Responses to “Bird Art 💩”

  1. jane Says:

    I am going to guess that the rain this afternoon and this evening washed it off to a degree. Nice downpours!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Lucky you, having a boyfriend at 6! 😉 I had to wait until college. That’s a LARGE bird crap indeed! I usually take a paper towel to them, gross as it is.