On the cover of The Rolling Stone Cloverland Connections

I thought I had a link to the GG’s pic with our North Country Trail friends on the cover of the Cloverland Connections magazine. I cannot find it. Whatever.

Cloverland Connections is a magazine we get when we buy lucky-shuckial services up in the yooperland. It is a decent magazine and includes recipes, etc. Way back in the day, Radical Betty was featured in a story in the magazine. The most recent magazine issue features the GG and our friends Stan and Kay on the cover. It is North Country Trail work.

I pay Cloverland for the moomincabin lucky-shuckial stuff nowadays. Back in the day when The Comm was still alive, it was a seasonal bill. I will never forget arguing with her at the Dillon house dining table. She had scrawled the cabin bills on a yellow legal pad and I couldn’t decipher her handwriting for something that came in August. She was trying to tell me that there were three property tax bills per year… Winter, July, and August. No. Not August. That’s not property tax. And no, it wasn’t. It was an electrical bill from Cloverland. I love you moom but you never quiiiiite gave me credit for my DNA-given intelligence even though you knew dern well I had it.

So… The fall after The Comm died, my cousin The Beautiful Jan emailed me to let me know that there was a big pink shutoff notice for the moomincabin electricity. Oh boy. I had not received this tax utility bill and had totally spaced it out. I IMMEDIATELY jumped online with Cloverland and paid the bill. And then I called Cloverland. Where are you sending the bills? They were sending them to my mother’s address at Freighter View assisted living. She was not living there any more because she was not living anywhere at that time. It was all fine. I got them to change the address to my own Planet Ann Arbor Landfill. I think she changed the address to Freighter View because she wanted to get the magazine.

It isn’t a seasonal bill any more and as I do with almost all bills I have it withdrawn automatically.

Miss you Mrs. Commander.

2 Responses to “On the cover of The Rolling Stone Cloverland Connections”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Changes…they can be tough. I’m still getting mail for the mister here, and he’s been gone for nearly 7 years.

  2. Isa Says: