Nope! Not this woman!

I know this artifact was affixed to my refrigerator as a prank and I know who the culprit is. Again (AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN), I will not (NOT NOT NOT) vote for the Orange Baboon in 2020. (For the record, I didn’t vote for him in 2016 either.) Only one of the democratic candidates comes close to floating my boat and it is doubtful that person will win the nomination. And no I am not feeling the Bern, just to be clear. But I will vote for whichever democrat is nominated if I have to do it holding my nose. Trump? Nope. I do not get what ANYONE sees in the Orange Baboon, female or not.

Other than that, I had a totally discombobulated morning. MMCB1 and I switched our coffee day to today. We started out on Mondays many moons ago so we’ve returned to our roots for today anyway. Even though she reminded me yesterday, I almost forgot. I was floating around the Landfill enjoying the warm, humid morning when, just in the nick of time, I remembered. Yikes! Of course traffic was gawd awful and I hit every single blasted red light as I recklessly (for meeeee) drove to Barry’s. I even parked in a weird place, which she noticed, as she was also late and got there after I did. It was a consequence of entering the parking lot via a different entrance than usual. At least laundry wasn’t involved and I didn’t try to gain entry to someone else’s vee-hickle.

Finally, a lazy but ultimately relatively productive weekend. Finished binge watching The Handmaid’s Tale (nothing like a good dystopia), jumping up to do mini chores whenever ads came on. Amazing how much I accomplished using that strategy.

Hmmm… Interesting that the Trump button is blue…

2 Responses to “Nope! Not this woman!”

  1. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Honestly, any woman (or anyBODY for that matter, but especially a woman) who would vote for that vile pig would never, ever have my respect.

  2. Margaret Says:

    A big no from me as well on the OB. Not a chance. I would vote for my cat over him.