When it rains, it pours (technical issues)

After a month or so I got the client portal issue resolved. Except for the frickin’ “0” hanging out at the top of one of the PDFs in the middle of a bunch of white space. No matter what gyrations I go through to replace that file with a new one, the file with the zero remains. I’ll think about that tomorrow.

After six weeks, I FINALLY got all my files transferred from my old laptop to my new laptop. I felt sorry for Ivan, my long-suffering tech support guy. I’m sure it was as much of an ordeal for him as it was for me and when it was all over, I called him up and told him how much I appreciated his help. Actually, it’s not all over but the rest of it is not within the realm of his job. I had to order two (graphics) applications that I CANNOT do my job without. They are not standard applications (like MS Office stuff is) and they take 15 days to be delivered. Hope they don’t disable my old laptop before those arrive because I NEEEEEEED them. And then there’s the versioning/defect tracking software I have to sweet-talk somebody from the dev team to help me install. They were busy today. I didn’t go there.

Then there’s the VPN phone app that stopped working when I had to get a new phone. At least I think that’s when it stopped working. I tried to use it last week and I think the *last* time I used it was August 2, which was two days before I got the new phone. That issue is still not resolved and I had to submit a new request and you do not want to know. In this case I CANNOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO TALK TO A PERSON!

And all that is just work stuff!

On the home front, Disco Lock has been driving me crazy. That’s another app that went south when I got my new phone. A phone re-a-start fixed it. Then… The door was locked one afternoon when I got home from work. It usually isn’t locked then because the GG is usually here or nearby. I could not open it. I opened up the app. The battery was “critically” low. Somehow I got it to open. I had to BUY batteries even though I KNOW we HAVE batteries but I didn’t know WHERE the batteries were. Oh well. New batteries and Disco Lock worked once. The next time, my phone couldn’t FIND Disco Lock. Re-a-start again. Working. For now… (I do have a physical key)

If you’ve made it through all of this, have you had enough? I have. Heading off to Knight’s with a beach urchin and friend. G’night.

One Response to “When it rains, it pours (technical issues)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I know we can’t go back to simpler times, but sometimes I crave a life where I didn’t have to put up with the agonies of technology. A definite love/hate relationship here.