This is a pic that didn’t quiiiite make the blahg over the weekend. There is a Gitchee Gumee swimmer in it. The little black line to the left in front of the island is the swimmer going all the way under the water. It was hot and very calm that afternoon (Friday) and look at those reflections! Except that in the foreground it is not a reflection. I took the photo close enough to the shoreline that you can see the rippled sand bottom underneath the shallow water close to the shore. One of my earliest memories. Click and click again.

Yer fav-o-rite blahgger is back on The Planet Ann Arbor, chained to her cube, still slogging through the pain that comes with an upgrade to a new laptop. I got approved to download one more specialty program today. The final one is still in the works. Still another is free but I need the dev team’s help to install it properly and they are way busy trying to meet a deadline right now so I’ve refrained from bothering them. My old laptop still works and I’m using the app on that one for now. Thank the gods for cloud storage but I will be very happy when I can stop schlepping two laptops around. What a long ordeal.

And I am engaged in story-telling at work. Working on a back-burner task from my to-do list, I have been dredging up documentation on a certain piece of functionality from the near and distant past trying to figure what we do and why we are doing it. I have found bits and pieces of this functionality in at least 15 documents spanning 12 years but nowhere is there a coherent story telling how it works. After finding a couple of key pieces of information today, I think I finally have all the pieces of the story, just need to figure out how to organize them to tell it. I wonder if this is how people write great novels. I suspect some do and some don’t. Don’t worry, I have no interest in writing a novel.

People were asking me about fall color up in the yooperland. Nope. Not yet. Still lots of green, edged with a little more gold than a month ago. Only spots of anything else. Give it a couple more weeks or so.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    What a beautiful photo! I hated laptop upgrades because things always went haywire and I ended up (getting impatient) having to problem solve myself. I’m OK with tech, but no expert.